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It's frickin' freezing out here!

Homestar Runner is out in the winter.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Strong Sad

Icon: Snowflake

Page title: "WE'RE SNOWED IN!!"

  • Toons — It starts to snow and sleigh bells are heard.
  • Games — Homestar gets a snowball in the face.
  • Characters — Strong Sad goes by on a sled while yelling "This Sucks!" and hits a tree.
  • Downloads — Each time the mouse is moved over this button, a new decoration is added to The Stick. The decorations are added in the following order:
  • Red ornament.
  • Blue ornament.
  • Yellow ornament.
  • Tinsel.
  • Gold Star.
  • Reset.
  • Store — It gets dark and starts snowing. A bright light—perhaps the Moon—eminates from behind a distant tree.
  • Email — Homestar gets covered in snow. Homestar's voice is slightly muffled due to his face being covered. Remain over the button and Homestar will blink his eyes rapidly so as to see.

Fun Facts

  • The Stick being decorated is a reference to A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • If you click on EMail and hold the mouse button, then release it on games, you will still see Homestar's hat move from behind his snow-covered self.

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