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Eh! Steve!

A "Sweet Cuppin' Cakes" inspired main page, from crazy cartoon.

Starring: Homestar Runner, The Worm, Sherlock, Keyboard Strong Bad, Eh! Steve, The Wheelchair

Page title: "Sweet Cuppin Cakes"

  • Toons - The floor flashes a bunch of different colors and the theme music plays.
  • Games - The Worm pokes its head out of its hole. Sherlock almost falls on it but it moves out of the way and goes back in its hole. Sherlock mumbles, then leaves.
  • Characters - Keyboard Strong Bad comes out and plays a keyboard rhythm.
  • Downloads - Eh! Steve comes up, looks back and forth, and leaves. Scroll again, and he'll come back and belt out his catch phrase, "EH! STEVE!"
  • Store - The background pulls back to reveal the page's coding.
  • Email - The Wheelchair appears in the background and says, "I know you're out there somewhere, Eh! Steve. I'll blast you to tomorrow noon!" before leaving.

Fun Facts

  • This is the first main page to feature Homestar in his normal state.
  • Strong Bad's head is a Casio VL-1. It plays the demo track, which is most famous for its use in "Da, Da, Da" by Trio.
  • Right click and press play to hear the Sweet Cuppin Cakes theme song over and over again.
  • The HTML code shown when you drag your mouse over "Store" is not the HTML code on the page.

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