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===Fast Forward===
===Fast Forward===
* The alps scene is used as a backdrop in [[the show]].
* The alps scene is used as a backdrop in [[the show]].
** The scene was showed again in [[Experimental Film]].
* A [[Powered by The Cheat]]-style background of the alps is shown in [[Experimental Film]].
==External links==
==External links==

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"It was my Lederhosen!"

Homestar Runner is in the mountains.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner

Icon: Mountains

Page title: "Homestar Runner"

  • Toons - Bald eagle flies by.
  • Games - A fish jumps out of the river.
  • Characters - One of the trees in the background becomes a Christmas tree.
  • Downloads - An eagle catches the fish.
  • Store - It rains.
  • E-mail - A yodeler appears at the top of the mountain and shouts "Ricola!" through a large Alpenhorn.


Fun Facts


  • The eagles are not the same. Press "Toons" and "Downloads" quickly enough and you can see both eagles in the sky together.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • Ricola is a brand of cough drops from Switzerland, whose commercials actually used to feature people hollering the brand name from the top of a mountain.

Fast Forward

External links

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