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Main Page featuring green lined 3D Homestar, speaking with a computerized speech engine voice.

Cast (in order of appearance): Vector Homestar Runner, Vector Strong Bad

Date: June 16, 2004

Icon: Vector Homestar's head

Page title: "Many Green Lines!"

  • Toons — Colored lines move through the background and computer beeping noises can be heard.
  • Games — The ground begins to move, little pyramids appear on the ground, A kind of drummer tune can be heard.
  • Characters — The background outline changes. Four possible outlines.
  • Low mountain range.
  • Higher mountain range.
  • Slightly different mountain range.
  • Silhouette of futuristic city.
  • Downloads — Homestar Runner loses one of his polygons. Scroll again and he loses another. Scroll for a third time and he regrows them.
  • Store — The green lines in the background wave insanely.
  • Email — Vector Strong Bad appears, says "WELL, MY HEAD A SPLODE" (with subtitles) and explodes.


Fun Facts

Inside References

  • This Main Page is based on the Strong Bad Email "video game" specifically the part making fun of '80s vector-graphics arcade games.
  • Vector Strong Bad's line "WELL, MY HEAD A SPLODE" is another reference to "video games".
  • The polygons that fall off Homestar may refer to In Search Of The Yello Dello, when Homestar mentions "pieces of you are falling off in squares."
  • The music played on the Games mouseover is a clip from the StrongBadZone Music, which can be found on the Videlectrix site.

Real-World References

  • The Colored lines from the Toons scroll effect are similar to the classic arcade game Qix—or the Beziers screensaver in Windows.
  • The little pyramids from the Games scroll effect and the outline backgrounds are similar to the ones in the arcade game "Battlezone" and the game "Turok Two: Seeds of evil".

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