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Most unkown characters come from Main Pages. This page is to list them all.

Regular Characters

Name Description Image Appearance
The Monkey This monkey throws coconuts at stuff, including the sea and Homestar Runner. Nothing else is known. Image:monkey.png Main Page 3
The Yodeling Man He's seen climbing up the mountain. He yodels "Ricola!". Image:yodeling_man.png Main Page 2
The Astronaut He's an astronaut. Also, he seems to not have a face. Image:astronaut.png Main Page 1
The White Whale This white whale is harpooned and none too happy about it. It's an obvious Moby Dick reference. Image:The White Whale.PNG Main Page 3
The Beat State Dinosaur This brontosaurus wears a flag on its back labeled "BEAT STATE!" File:Beat State!.PNG Homsar Main Page
The Claw This claw bursts through a cloud in Heaven from Hell. It is most likely The Devil. Image:The Claw.png Main Page 6

Alternate Characters

Name Description Image Appearance
Virus Bad This is a virus Strong Bad with a giant, egg-shaped head, an expanded boxing glove, and Marzipan's hair. Image:Virus Bad.PNG Main Page 22
Virus Star Runner This is a virus Homestar Runner. He has the body of The Homestar Runner amd the head of the original. Image:virushomestarrunner.PNG Main Page 22
Vector Homestar Runner This is the vector version of Homestar. Image:Vector Homestar.PNG Main Page 21
The Christmas Stick This is The Stick turned into a christmas tree. Main Page 16
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