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More than 2 problems. Seriously.
Another glitch.

Prior to the 2020 site update, the Main Pages could produce some odd glitches by clicking and holding down a button, and then dragging off them. This was due to the limits of the Flash software. Specifically, any image or animation that only appears while the cursor stays over a button would remain if you clicked the left mouse button and held it down, then dragged the cursor away from the Main Page button before letting go.

This is a list of oddities and inconsistencies in the Main Pages caused by this glitch. In the list below, "&" is used if it doesn't matter which is done first and "→" if they must be done in order.

Main Page 19 and Main Page 25 were glitch-free because the videos would be interrupted if the viewer hovered over another button while one was playing. Now, all pages are glitch-free, as the link will send the viewer to another page even if the cursor is no longer on the button.

[edit] Glitches

Main Page Glitch Result
Main Page 1 Toons & Store The dots connecting the Marzipan constellation appear over the top of the rocket.
Store → Characters The Strong Bad constellation appears over Nebulon as he bounces by.
Main Page 2 Store → anything The rain falls behind the objects.
Email → Toons The eagle flies behind the yodeler's horn.
Main Page 3 Downloads → Email When Homestar's head falls back, the glasses don't move with him.
Characters & Email Two monkeys! Doesn't require click and drag.
Main Page 4 Characters → Toons The pins on the far left turn back to white.
Characters → Games The Games animation and its sound effects don't play.
Toons or Games → Characters The bowling balls disappear. Strangely, this does not work with Store or Email.
Games → Characters The pins reappear.
Main Page 5 Games & Store The waffle iron quickly changes from having no batter to being covered with batter or from being covered with batter to having no batter.
Main Page 6 Toons & Downloads Homestar holds two harps.
Main Page 8 Characters & Downloads Homestar's star falls back, but there's no wind.
Characters → Store Homestar's propeller isn't moving, even though he is flying upwards. When you move the mouse off Store, the propeller isn't moving, even though he is flying downwards.
Downloads & Store Homestar's star flies against the wind.
Store → Games Homestar's going upwards, but the blimp and smoke continues to stay on the normal passway.
Store → Characters When you move the mouse off Characters, the clouds on the screen get speed lines below them, even though they're moving down. The newly created clouds coming in the top of the screen are correct, though.
Main Page 9 Characters → Email When the paper football goes by, the word KISS appears in front of the football, not behind it.
Characters & Games The band logos always appear on top of the grades no matter which one appears first.
Store → Email When the paper football goes by, it flies behind the sticky note.
Downloads → anything Not really an oddity, but Homestar's head speaks properly even when elevated.
Main Page 10 Store → anything Again, not really an oddity, but Homestar's head speaks properly backwards.
Store → Downloads Homestar eats the bomb when not facing it. When the bomb blows up in Homestar, the puff of smoke comes out from the back of his head.
Store → Store Homestar's head moves back into position... a little bit behind where it should be. Moving the mouse off without clicking causes his head to face backwards, but still be disconnected.
Store → Store → Downloads Part of the bomb is missing in the last frame it appears.
Store → Characters A soup can flies out of the back of Homestar's head.
Main Page 11 Downloads → Store Strong Bad appears in front of Homestar's landscape.
Downloads & Email The Homestar Runner logo appears over Strong Bad's weather map.
Downloads & Characters The news stories appear over the weather map.
Downloads & Toons Homestar's name appears over Strong Bad. He will stay on screen until you place your cursor on "Downloads" again.)
Everything (downloads first, games last) All effects stay on-screen (except for weather map)
Main Page 13 Characters & Email Two Strong Bads! (This doesn't require click-and-drag, though that makes it easier.)
Characters & Games The plane flies in front of Strong Bad's head, and looks smaller as a result. (Again, this doesn't require click and drag, but it makes it easier.)
Downloads → anything Objects and characters go through the street lamps and also appear to be moving at the same speed as the road.
Main Page 14 Store → Games (move the cursor off Games without the click-and-drag method) The water turns off, but it's still foggy.
Games → Characters → Store (move the cursor off Store without the click-and-drag method) One stream of water automatically disappears.
Characters → Games, Games → Characters or Characters → Store (Click and drag first button, hover on and off second button) The shower will still be on, but it will also be dripping.
Characters & Games or Store (Click and Drag both buttons) Two streams of water.
Downloads & Store Homestar apparently writes "Lemke" through the shower curtain.
Email → Downloads (move the cursor off Downloads without the click-and-drag method) The towel is on, but the pixels are visible around the edges.
Main Page 15 Downloads → Email PbtC Strong Bad can be heard over The Cheat and Strong Bad's conversation.
Main Page 16 Email → anything Homestar's voice is full and clear, even under the snow.
Store → Toons The effect of Toons doesn't happen.
Store & Email The snow that falls on Homestar is still bright, though the snow in the background is dimmed.
Email → Games You can see Homestar knocked back by the snowball behind the pile of snow. His eyes, however, don't move.
Over and off Email quickly Homestar says "Email" quietly without the snow covering him.
Main Page 17 Store → Email 1-Up's hair disappears as the screen turns to black-and-white, and then reappears.
Store → anything except Email Part of 1-Up's hat is briefly visible through his hair.
Games → Toons If you hover the cursor over Toons at just the right time, Stinkoman will appear behind the spaceship.
Main Page 18 Toons → Email In the original version of the page, the floor continues to flash, but the music stops.
Main Page 22 Downloads → anything You might not be able to see the buttons or their effects after the screen blanks, but you can still hear them.
Downloads → Store You can still see Homestar's head near the "Edgar" pop-up. Additionally, if the store button is wide enough, its edge will still be visible.
Downloads & Email You can see the HTML hole and virus'd Strong Bad near the Edgar popup as well.
Main Page 23 Store & Downloads The Cheat is behind the second Homestar despite being much closer, causing him to appear very large. (Also doesn't require click and drag.)
Main Page 24 Store → anything The glasses stay on, allowing the rest of the actions to be seen in greater clarity.
Homsar Main Page Email → Characters or Downloads The dinosaur/boat never appears. If you hover the cursor over Characters again, the mustache appears and stays until you hover the cursor over another button.
Games → anything except Downloads The top of Homsar's head and his hat appear from behind the Heavy Lourde he's supposedly crushed underneath. The Heavy Lourde doesn't disappear.
Games Not really an oddity, but if you roll on games and roll off before the Heavy Lourde falls, the sound can be heard but Homsar won't be crushed. Also, his hat jumps up and then momentarily disappears.
Strong Bad Main Page Email → Characters The poster immediately flips back down - only really notable because it still curls up if you go the other way.
Characters → Email The poster turns dark for a moment before curling up.
Luau Main Page Characters → anything Homestar's flame remains, but his head turns pale.
Characters → Characters The flame disappears, but Homestar's head turns dark anyway.
Characters → Downloads Homestar's Head falls off, but the flame stays.
King of Town Main Page Toon & Game & Download You are able to see all three dragons appear, stacked on top of each other.
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