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{{gamenav|New Game|stinko comic|Kid Speedy|Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up}}
[[Image:Comic Generator Title.png|thumb|Title screen.]]
[[Image:Comic Generator Title.png|thumb|Title screen.]]

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play Kid Speedy Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up
Title screen.

Make-O Your Own Stinko(man) Sprite Comic Generator is a comic-making game which was originally an Easter egg found in web comics. You can create your own Stinkoman 20X6-themed comic (titled "Stinkoman Sunday Fun Talk") just like "Stonk Bad", by selecting from numerous characters, objects, and backgrounds from the game of the same name in up to four panels.

The backgrounds that can be used are from Level 1 (Go Home), Level 2 (Pick a Bone), Level 4 (Fisticuff), Level 5 (Oh the Moon), Level 6 (Stratosfear), Level 7 (Ice 2 Meet U), and Level 9 (Turbolence) respectively.

Date: Monday, October 8, 2007

Page Title: Make-O Your Own Stinko!



All sprites can be resized, rotated, and flipped, and you can add any text you want into the talk bubbles. When you're all done, there is an option to print it out.

You also have the ability to "MS Paint your way to a non-punchline", which will go through a series of five different overlaps. You can enter your name so that the author isn't always "Stonk Bad"; however, the author will be labeled at random from a given list of verbs and adverbs, in the form of "past-tense verb and adverb past-tense verb":

Verbed and Adverbedly Verbed by
Ripped off Horribly Conceived
Stolen Gruesomely Cobbled Together
Flubbed Thinly Hacked
Hijacked Poorly Strung Together
Grifted Unsatisfyingly Pasted up
Baby got stole Miserably Written
Pilfered Unfortunately Presented
Swiped Pathetically

Characters & Enemies Included

The Make-O Your Own Stinko Interface.
An example of a completed comic

Fun Facts

  • This is the first time Pan Pan and Z Sabre have been seen as in-game sprites.
  • The loading screen reads "FIND THE LOADBEARER...", a reference to slumber party.
  • On October 15, 2007, this game was put on the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu. In addition, the game received new features, including an intro screen, Stinkowing and Level 9 enemy sprites, the ability to replace "Stonk Bad" as the author, with humorous remarks about the sprites being stolen, and an "MS Paint" button. A subtitle was added to the loading screen stating: "VERSION 1.1. NEW AND BARELY IMPROVED!
  • One of the MS Paint button's effects includes a "Kilroy was here", and another is Trogdor with a soda (caption misspelled as "Trogor").
  • Because of the black background, the silhouette of Z Sabre is not visible, but can be found by clicking on a "blank" area in the fourth column (under the tree).

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