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*"I bet I could lift fifty '''stringiest''' man in the world contests!" (strongest) — [[Strongest Man in the World]]
*"I bet I could lift fifty '''stringiest''' man in the world contests!" (strongest) — [[Strongest Man in the World]]
*"Ooh, I'm a '''neglected''' official." (elected) — [[4 branches]]
*"Ooh, I'm a '''neglected''' official." (elected) — [[4 branches]]
*"Today's '''missile''' comes from Josh Key in Corvallis, Oregon." (missive) — [[Hremail 2000]]
*"Today's '''missile''' comes from Josh Keady in Corvallis, Oregon." (missive) — [[Hremail 2000]]
===[[Senor Cardgage]]===
===[[Senor Cardgage]]===

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Some of the characters in the Homestar Runner universe, as well as some not quite characters, have used malapropisms. A malapropism is the replacement of a word with something that sounds like the word being replaced, but has a completely different meaning. Many of these malaprops are delivered as a punchline.


Appearances by character

Lappy 486

Strong Bad

  • "And check out all these speculations!" (specifications) — animal
  • "Slumming in at Number Two..." (Coming) — bottom 10
  • "The plausibilities are endless!" (possibilities) — disconnected
  • "Sup my young parsons, I too am so on the go that I drink my yogurt from a tube." (persons) — looking old
  • "When we need muscle, we farm it out to our favorite band of shady missionaries." (mercenaries) — more armies
  • "It is recommended that you play your game in a large, open space, free of debris, rubble, and flotsam and Jetsons." (jetsam) — Strong Bad Gameways
  • "Now maybe I can get some freakin' piece of quiet" (peace and quiet) — Homestar Ruiner

Homestar Runner

Senor Cardgage

  • "Come along down for a free canceltation." (consultation) — Senor Mortgage
  • "You're every welcome, Valerie." (very) — Senor Mortgage
  • "Gamble (or gambol) around the campfire, children." (gather) — Senorial Day
  • "Well, if you could just sign right here on the dotty line, the adaption will be complete." (dotted/adoption) — alternate universe
  • "Forty-twone will be to your lest." (forty-one/left) — the movies
  • "Can you detect me to the nearest bus stamp?" (direct/stop) — fan club
  • "Dump tell no mandy, it's just a land mower turned bankways!" (don't/nobody/lawn/backwards) — concert


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