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"I gut you like sheep."

Manolios Ugly One is The Ugly One's father. He is the owner of Manolios Ugly One's Lectro-pawn, a pawn shop specializing in used and broken electronic goods.

Manolios has a flair for sales, except his stock is somewhat less than functional; he showcases a broken VCR and a smashed VHS tape in his Easter egg "commercial" for Lectro-pawn. He has muttered (in tiny letters) "or something like that" after his sales pitches.

In the commentary for Teen Girl Squad Issue 10, Matt Chapman reveals that Manolios' name is taken from the Manolios boat that he and Jackie Chapman rode in Greece.

In Teen Girl Squad Issue 15 Manolios is revealed to have a somewhat protective side for his daughter, as he threatens to "gut" D n' D Greg "like sheep" if he does anything out of line to The Ugly One. However, Manolios makes good on his threat without provocation soon afterwards.

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