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"Homestar run, run..."

Mario Paint is a game released in 1992 by Nintendo for the SNES that can be used to create looping animations. The Brothers Chaps occasionally use this technique to make either toons or brief animations.


  • Super NES — The first animated Homestar Runner cartoon, made with Mario Paint.
  • Strong Bad is a Bad Guy — Another Mario Paint toon made years later.
  • @StrongBadActual:
    • July 18, 2016 — A Mario Paint Dijjery Doo is shown.
    • Since February 1, 2018, Strong Bad has posted weekly short Mario Paint clips, accompanied by characters' voices or Mario Paint music, called "Mario Paint Thursdays".
    • On Fleabruary 1st, the Mario Paint feature was a looping animation of Homestar Runner making "ooh" lips.
    • On Fleabruary 8th, The Cheat was in Strong Badia, with the flag blowing in the wind and the anthem playing.
    • On Fleabruary 15th, rejected character Champeen wins first place over Preshy and Rafferty, who win third and second respectively.
    • On Fleabruary 22nd, a glass of melonade and a bronco trolley was featured.
    • On March 8th, a burning peasant and cottage was featured.
    • On March 15th, Pom Pom's house stood on a cliff by the sea.
    • On March 22nd, Strong Bad was lying under Homestar's boots.
    • On April 19th, the King of Town ate a chicken drumstick.
    • On April 26th, Limozeen's guitarist played some hot lixx.
    • On May 3rd, The Wheelchair chased Eh! Steve! through Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Land.
    • On May 10th, Strong Bad's head was cooked in a microwave.
    • On August 9th, Homestar ordered a meal from the Drive-Thru Whale.
    • On August 22nd, Strong Bad checked his email on the Tandy 400.
  • Homestar Runner Goes For the Gold (Easter egg) — Mario Paint Dijjery Doo is shown again, and Strong Bad is seen animating with the SNES Mouse.


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