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"Don'tcha like me?"
Appearing in puppet-form along with Homestar and They Might Be Giants in their September 25, 2004 concert in Atlanta, Ga. (HS & TMBG not shown)

Marshie (capital M, and then "arshie", as he would put it) is the genuinely alarming mascot for Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. Homestar Runner "hates that freakin' marshmallow", probably because Marshie took his job. He's famously creepy and his commercials are often composed of non-sequitur gibberish, disturbing close-ups and faintly desperate pleas. He also tends to announce his appearance during commercials by uttering the most current popular slang phrases such as "S'up fools" and "OH SNAP!" in a heavy-handed attempt to convince kids to like him. However, this technique often is nullified by Marshie's innate creepiness.

Marshie shares a resemblance to both the Carl's Jr./Hardee's star and the characters on the Elyon kosher marshmallows bag.

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