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Marzipan's Answering Machine is probably one of the most overlooked sections on, likely because it has little or no animation. The messages often dive deeper into interpersonal relationships between the characters, with each short message packed with insight. Some mainstays of the section are Strong Bad's unrelenting prank calls, Homestar's constant misunderstandings, and Coach Z's and Strong Sad's depressing ramblings. It also features various other surprise messages and cameos from major and minor characters.


Marzipan's Answering Machine Versions

Other Answering Machine Segments

Quite a few messages

The following toons feature segments with characters talking on answering machines.

List of Callers

Strong Bad (26 times)

Homestar Runner (23 times)

The King of Town (10 times)

Strong Sad (8 times)

Coach Z (8 times)

Bubs (6 times)

Marzipan (2 times)

Pom Pom (2 times)

Strong Mad (2 times)

The Cheat (2 times)

Homsar (2 times)

Miscellaneous (one time each)

Fun Facts

  • The answering machine cassette tapes on versions 1.0 through 8.0 never stop rolling.
  • Even up through version 14.2, the loading animation for each Answering Machine is the old rotating one.
  • As of Version 15.2, the answering machine's loading screen has changed, showing a corner of Marzipan's table instead of the old spinning Homestar Runner logo.
The new loading screen

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