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===Inside References===
===Inside References===
*"QUiCK SAnD" is an example of [[Lowercase i's]].
*"QUiCK SAnD" is an example of [[Lowercase i's]].
*Coach Z's message with an emphasis on shin guards is a reference to her [[lack of visible arms|lack of visible legs]]
*Coach Z's message with an emphasis on shin guards is a reference to his [[lack of visible arms|lack of visible legs]]
===Real World References===
===Real World References===
*Crack Stuntman, the celebrity spokesman for [[Guns|Pistols]] for [[Bears|Pandas]], is most likely a reference to [[Wikipedia:Charlton Heston|Charlton Heston]], spokesman for the [[Wikipedia:National Rifle Association|National Rifle Association]].
*Crack Stuntman, the celebrity spokesman for [[Guns|Pistols]] for [[Bears|Pandas]], is most likely a reference to [[Wikipedia:Charlton Heston|Charlton Heston]], spokesman for the [[Wikipedia:National Rifle Association|National Rifle Association]].

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"They need all the firepower they can get."

In this installment, Coach Z has shin tryouts, Strong Sad plans April Fools pranks, Crack Stuntman gives guns to pandas, Strong Bad imitates a phone robot, and Homestar sinks in quicksand.

Cast (in order of appearance): Marzipan, Coach Z, Homestar Runner, Strong Sad, Crack Stuntman, Strong Bad

Places: Marzipan's House, The Field (Easter egg)

Release Date: March 5, 2007

Running Time: 4:06

Page Title: Marzipan's Answering Machine



Marzipan's Greeting:

MARZIPAN: Aloha, this is Marzipan. I'm lounging on the lanai, enjoying a wheat-grass-tini, in my wheat-grass-kini. Please leave a makamakai-message.

Message 6

COACH Z: Hey, Marzipan, it's Coach Z! Just calling to remind yous that spring shin tryouts are just around the corner. Don't forget to bring your shin-guards and your shin-pads and your shin-protectors and your shin-rub. Don't worry abour shin-balls, we'll provide those, but this'll be your week to bring the shin-snack, so, you know, bring orange slices or some Cheetos or... Pretty much anything orange works for a good shin-snack. And get ready to scrimmage our bitter rivals, Skins.

Message 5

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, Marzipan, it's Homestar... and, um... crap! What was I calling you for? I was gonna ask you something about... something. Aw, never mind. If I think of it, I'll call you back. Now give me that beep.

Message 4

STRONG SAD: Uh, Hello? This is the King of April Fool's Day pranks, calling her Majesty, the Queen of April Fool's Day pranks. Remember that time we replaced everybody's toilet paper with 100% post-consumer recycled toilet paper? Nobody knew what hit 'em! Literally, they didn't know that we had done that! So for this year, I was thinking we could make everyone a cinammon-apple crisp, but tell them it's a ginger-apple crumble. I know, I know, I'm so bad! But we could get into some serious trouble for this one. In fact, I probably shouldn't even be talking about it on the phone. Uh, uh, {begins talking at a faster pace} slow pitch racquetball? I'd love to play slow pitch racquetball! In fact, that's what this whole conversation's been about. Okay, so long!

Message 3

CRACK STUNTMAN: Hello, Marzipan. THIS is Crack Stuntman. I'm the handsome actor that's handsomely paid to do the voice of {pauses; attempting to remember the name} Gunhaver {pronounces it "Gun-Hay-ver"} on the Cheat Command-show. As national spokesperson for a charitable wildlife organization, I'm demanding that you stop protesting in our rallies! {Pistols for Pandas poster appears} Pistols for Pandas is a just cause! These are stupid, fat, slow creatures we're talking about. They need all the firepower they can get. Last year alone, the PFP put handguns in the paws of no fewer than 300 underprivledged and unarmed pandas. And what do you care? People like you don't even eat panda! This is Crack Stuntman, signing off. And signing autographs at the North Garden Ridges Hills Mall this Saturday! {sings to the tune of the "Buy all our playsets and toys!" theme} Da-da-da-da-da-da-dah!

Message 2

STRONG BAD: {jerkily throughout, as if he's an automated phone robot} Hello—Marzipan. This is—Nadine—Automated Menu Burger—calling from—Trusted—Financial—Institution. To check on the status of an existing gigantic butt, please press or say—"gigantobutt"—now. Or—to place a new—six foot italian sub—in—Strong Bad—'s hands, please hang up—and do that mess—right now. I'm sorry—I didn't catch that. I think you said—"gigantobutt". If this is correct, please press or say—"yes." I'm sorry—I think you said—"yes." If this is correct, please press or say—"total yes." I'm sorry—I didn't catch that. Let's start again. To check on the status—of an existing butt that's so big it has its own Congressman, please press or say—

Message 1

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey Marzipan, I remembered what it was! I'm actively sinking in quicksand! So, if you have any vines or roots that you can toss my way, I would be really, really still alive. Now bring that beep back!

Easter Eggs

  • After Homestar's second message, click on the answering machine tape:
    {Homestar is in the Field, sitting in the Kiddie Pool from stunt double, which is full of sand. The sign on the sandbox reads "QUiCK SAnD"}
    HOMESTAR RUNNER: {sighs} Somewheres, out theres...

Fun Facts


  • Wheatgrass is a vitamin-rich plant used in many health foods.
  • Strong Bad's comment about a "butt that's so big it has its own Congressman" refers to the United States House of Representatives, in which seats are assigned to states and regions within those states based on relative population size.


  • This is the first Marzipan's Answering Machine to show a location other than Marzipan's house.
  • While the Pistols for Pandas poster is displayed, the buttons on the answering machine are still clickable, even though they're covered up.

Inside References

Real World References

  • Crack Stuntman, the celebrity spokesman for Pistols for Pandas, is most likely a reference to Charlton Heston, spokesman for the National Rifle Association.
  • Homestar sings the song "Somewhere Out There" (which was also mentioned and sang by Strong Bad in the commentary for rock opera) from An American Tail but adds Ss to the end of "somewhere" and "there".
  • "Skins" is a reference to the Washington DC football team, the Redskins, it's also a term for a team that doesn't wear shirts, so as to represent their team. Skins usually face off against "shirts", a team that does wear shirts.

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