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"See? The apple's not giant. It's just in the foreground."

Marzipan can be seen painting using an easel, canvas, palette, and paintbrush many times throughout the Homestar Runner body of work.

[edit] Appearances

  • Debut: Joy of Painting — Marzipan is seen dressed up as Bob Ross painting a landscape. Here, Marzipan uses a palette knife to paint, rather than a paintbrush.
  • Email caffeine — Marzipan is seen trying to paint an underwater scene, although she is being interrupted by a caffeinated Strong Sad.
  • Email candy product — Marzipan is shown with her canvas broken over her head during the SBLOUNSKCHED! jingle.
  • Email unnatural — Marzipan is shown giving Strong Sad art classes. She has painted an apple and a tree, while Strong Sad has painted a bar of soap with "Death" written on it.

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