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When are video games gonna learn; you can't learn from video games!
0.7 times more fun than doing actual math!
We must restore balance!

Math Kickers featuring the Algebros is a mini-game from Videlectrix in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People's Strong Badia The Free. The cover art for the fictional box of the game features two martial arts fighters in a city-themed background, a kid smiling in the foreground, and another martial arts fighter over a quadratic formula in the sky.

In the game, you play as two fighters, Dex and Ryu, facing back to back. Dex subtracts and Ryu will add, and the goal is to fight Ninjas and attack number bosses.

A score of 2000 is required for your Awesomeness rank.


[edit] Controls

[edit] Wii Controls

Hold The Wii Remote Sideways

+Control Pad: Moves Dex/Ryu
1: Dex Attack
2: Ryu Attack
+: Start the Game
-: Quit the Game

[edit] PC Controls

Arrows: Move Dex/Ryu
Z: Dex Attack
X: Ryu Attack
S: Start the Game
Q: Quit the Game
Spacebar: Pause the Game

[edit] PlayStation 3 Controls

D-Pad/Left Thumbstick: Move Dex/Ryu
X/L1: Dex Attack
O/R1: Ryu Attack
X: Start the Game
Select: Pause the Game
Start: Quit the Game

[edit] How To Play

Dex's attacks subtract ninjas from his side. Ryu's Energy Ball Attack adds ninjas to his side. The idea is to restore the balance by making it so there's an equal amount of ninjas on each side.


3 Ninjas on Left, 1 Ninja on Right: 3 ≠ 1
Dex subtracts one Ninja from his side: 3 - 1 ≠ 1
Ryu adds one Ninja to his side: 3 - 1 = 1 + 1

When the Balance is restored, all the Ninjas will disappear, and Dex and Ryu can move on.

After several waves of Ninjas, Dex and Ryu will split up for a boss battle against a quadratic equation. Attack the quadratic equation up on the sidewalk, then, run down to the street when it rises up to slam down into the ground.

As you level up, the going gets tougher, as the Ninjas and Bosses get stronger.

You start the game with 6 "Bros" and lose a Bro every time Dex or Ryu take damage from the ninjas, who throw mathematical operators at you, or if you get crushed by the boss. When all your bros are gone, your game is over.

[edit] Manual

Featuring the ALGEBROS


Logarithm Attack
← ↓ → ↑ Dex

Featuring the ALGEBROS


Polar Coordinates
→ ↑ ← Dex, Ryu

Featuring the ALGEBROS


Divide By Zero
← → ← → Ryu

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Goofs

  • Math Kickers has a bug in it that causes a secret rank to occur ([]ber/Uber-Pope) See here.
  • If the player uses Polar Coordinates while a ninja is being added from Ryu's attack, Polar Coordinates will destroy all but one of the ninjas on Dex's side, and all but one of the ninjas not including the one being added on Ryu's side. The result is one ninja on Dex's side but two on Ryu's side. The game will automatically reduce the player's "Bro" count to zero as the screen is now unsolvable without special moves.

[edit] Glitches

  • Math Kickers has a bug that occurs frequently in the game, where it will stop responding to directional buttons and attacks, only allowing you to pause or quit the game.
    • When this happens, quit out of the current game (on Math Kickers) and quit out of the Fun Machine to go back to Strong Bad's room. Restart the game, and it should work (for now).
  • PC and PlayStation 3 versions only: Pausing the game and entering the command for Polar Coordinates will cause Polar Coordinates to be performed as soon as the game is unpaused. Since enemy attacks are frozen while paused, and Dex and Ryu are invincible when performing Polar Coordinates, this essentially allows the player to get an infinite amount of points.
  • Sometimes, when playing the Polar Coordinates attack, the Polar Coordinates attack logo will appear and Strong Bad will say "Polar Coordinates!..." but the ninjas will not freeze and remain the same.
    • Also, when playing the Polar Coordinates attack, ninjas will disappear to leave one per side, but they will not cancel. You will need to play the Polar Coordinates attack again to get rid of them.

[edit] Real-World References

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