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*[ SXSW Personal Profile with photograph]
*[ SXSW Personal Profile with photograph]
*[[wikipedia:The Brothers Chaps|The Brothers Chaps]] at Wikipedia
*[[wikipedia:The Brothers Chaps|The Brothers Chaps]] at Wikipedia
*[!/ronginald Matt Chapman's Twitter]
<!-- *[ Flashforward Conference Speaker Biography] Bio is no longer there -->
<!-- *[ Flashforward Conference Speaker Biography] Bio is no longer there -->

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Fan of a man indeed!

Matthew Chapman (born November 1, 1976) is the younger of The Brothers Chaps. He and his brother Mike are the principal creators of the Homestar Runner body of work. Matt is the voice actor for almost all of the characters on the site. He is married to Jackie Chapman, who had a brief cameo in Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer. They currently have two children, a daughter named Ida and a newborn daughter.


General Information

Food of Significant Interest

  • Egg salad sandwiches (with bits of bacon). [1]
  • When they were young children, Mike fed Matt cupcakes with toothpaste in them. [2] Matt retaliated by feeding Mike vinegar toast.
  • Matt has a new-found enthusiasm for poutine. [3]
  • He also likes Onion Straws. He describes them as "Dismantled Awesome Blossoms." [4]


  • Matt used to work for Earthlink, an Internet company. [5]
  • Matt also did voices for Preschool Protocops and some voices for webtoons and radio commercials for Mellow Mushroom. [6]
  • The first day after Matt quit his job (as the sales of Homestar Runner merchandise were so high), he got jury duty. "It sucked. My first day of self-employment and I got put on a jury," he said. [7]

Film and Television

  • The Brothers Chaps' friend David Gordon Green made a movie called All The Real Girls. Matt ended up being in it, but is only seen making a passing comment to another person in the background at one point. Mike and Craig Zobel were also involved in the production of the movie.
  • He has composed music for Sealab 2021.
  • He and Craig Zobel have been selected to write a stop motion animated feature for the The Jim Henson Co. called Monster Safari.

Favorite Music


See Also

External Links

Videos and interviews are available at Interviews and Public Appearances.

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