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Mel the Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom was a non-Homestar Runner related site designed by The Brothers Chaps in 2001 for a chain of pizza restaurants headquartered in Georgia. The layout, navigation, and sound effects were all similar to those on, and the voices of the brothers and Missy Palmer were very distinctive. The site was renovated in 2007 and the old content was archived. In 2009, the site was renovated once again, and the archive of this site was removed.



  • Mel O. Mushroom — Main character of Mellow Mushroom.
  • Dude Shroomington — Mel O. Mushroom's friend. He seems to have a crush on Melody.
  • Melody — Friendly employee of Mellow Mushroom.
  • The Fun Guys: "Port, Toe & Bello — Small mushroom-like men.
  • Wizard — Helpful mountain wizard.


Melody: A relative of Marzipan?
  • Toons: Mellow Mushroom had only one cartoon, titled "The Sun Almost Rises".
  • Games: Mellow Mushroom had four games: Pizza Darts, Skateboarding Dude, Wack-a-FunGuy, and Dress up Mel.
  • Characters: The character page was in the style of a fountain drink machine.
  • Mel-Locator: Presented the locations of all the Mellow Mushroom restaurants.
  • Downloads: Mellow Mushroom had a few downloads available, such as wallpaper, screensavers, and character icons.
  • Menu: The menu showed all the food available from Mellow Mushroom restaurants.
  • Gear: Much like the Homestar Runner Store, there were several T-shirts and other such Mellow Mushroom memorabilia to purchase.

Fun Facts

  • "Mountain Dude", mentioned on the Characters Page, is an obvious play on Mountain Dew, while "Melody-ade" sounds very much like Melonade.
  • On the menu, "Munchies" is the only thing that Melody doesn't say when you put your cursor over it.
  • "Magical Mystery Tour" on the Pizza page is the title of an album, a film, and a song made by The Beatles.
    • Another possible Beatles reference is on the Dress Up Mel page, where there are glasses and hair that resemble very closely the style of John Lennon.
  • The only toon is "The Sun Almost Rises", a reference to The Sun Also Rises.
  • When a button on the menu is hit, oftentimes, a dog can be heard barking and sometimes whining faintly.
  • The characters the "Fun Guys" have nearly the same voice as The Cheat.
  • On the original menu of the old website, located inside his house, the voice sample when you highlight the "Links" option has a much higher sound quality than the others.

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