Mendelev and Dongolev

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Mendelev (left) and Dongolev (right), from the movie trailer
Retro gaming goodness

Mendelev and Dongolev are the "straight-laced archer twins" of Peasantry. They are featured prominently in the games Peasant's Quest and Trogdor!! The Board Game. They can be told apart by the color of the feathers in their caps. Mendelev's feather is yellow, Dongolev's is red.

At the beginning of Peasant's Quest, the two brothers are no longer talking to each other, and Mendelev runs their old shooting range. He asks Rather Dashing to tell Dongelev their secret greeting, "haldo", causing the brothers to reunite and run the stall again. They may still have a little bit of a sibling rivalry, as they later tell Rather Dashing to go away when he talks to them because they're arguing about who's hotter. Asking them about certain topics reveals that they are creeped out by Naked Ned, they claim you can't "arch" well in peasant robes, they think the Kerrek smells bad, and both of them claim to have almost arrowed Trogdor at some point.

In 1987, Mendelev sent an email to Strong Bad saying he liked his wallpaper, as seen in the Strong Bad Email no loafing. Both archers can also be seen shooting a schwa symbol at Trogdor in Trogdor: Let's Burninate Phonics from SBCG4AP Advertisement.

In the live-action trailer, both twin brothers are played by Matt Gribbon.

According to Trogdor!! The Board Game, they have a "cool older sister" named Crangolev who is a Keeper of Trogdor.


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