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Image Description Appearances
P-Nade Piemonade is composed of a slice of pie stuck in a glass of lemonade with lots of ice cubes in it. Around The Office it is known as p-nade. It may be related to Melonade. other days
"I hope I don't get caught!" Schenectady Crispies is a breakfast cereal that contains "mad chunks of real dough." According to the commericals, ""Schenectady Crispies are so freaking good, they taste twice! Once in your mouth, and once in your esophagus!" They debuted as an Easter egg in the email "labor day," but they later appeared in the email "the bet," where it is shown that The King of Town likes them. They were named after the sender of the email "labor day," who went by the name "Chrispy" and hailed from Schenectady, NY. Schenectady has the ZIP code 12345, which is notable given The Brothers Chaps propensity for unique Zip Codes. The slogan used in the commercial Easter Egg in "labor day", "I hope I don't get caught!" is likely a reference to cereal commercials where a character trying to steal the cereal being advertised, such as Trix and Fruity Pebbles. labor day, the bet
Staple Sauce Staple Sauce is a sauce eaten by What's Her Face, in Teen Girl Squad Issue 9, as part of a musical montage. She eats a heaping bowl of the sauce, which results in her death. It appears to made up of paste and staples. Teen Girl Squad Issue 9
Don't Borrow From Thy Neighbor! Suge Brown is a brand of brown sugar for which Strong Sad apparently has a penchant for eating at 4 am on Saturday mornings. Its motto is "Don't Borrow From Thy Neighbor!". It is sold in boxes weighing one whole pound. best thing
Three "fines" of ground muddy goodness Super Mud is a product mentioned in the Strong Bad Email "date." It is apparently a type of liquified dirt — packaged in a coffee can — that has a high degree of quality, or at least possesses some exceptional trait. While on a date with Marzipan, Homestar Runner unwittingly drank a mug full of Super Mud (with which Strong Bad had switched his gourmet coffee) and immediately spat it onto his girlfriend's face. After Strong Bad witnessed this occurrence on his New Secret Security Camera Monitor, he was heartily amused: "Marzipan's gotta face fulla Super Mud and I'm feelin' fine." date
Oh my, Suudsu! Suudsu (pronounced SUD-zoo) is The Cheat's favorite bedtime snack. He needs it to fall asleep at night, along with "The Denzel" and other rigamarole. Strong Bad has also taken to it, describing it as "Pure Genius!" and "G-E-W-D, gewd". Some mornings The Cheat, if he is still alive after being subjected to bug bombs, will fix Strong Bad and Strong Mad a big pitcher of this delicious concoction. Simply pour skim milk into a glass and add gummi bears. Pure genius! bedtime story
Ptooie! One of Homestar's favorite pastimes is "spittin' Teddy Grahams", causing them to stick to various surfaces. couch patch, strongbad_email.exe Disc Two
Soy Sauce Strong Bad claims that both he and The Cheat once got drunk off of soy sauce (presumably in an unaired email), causing them both to do strange things with Bubs' Concession Stand (Strong Bad thought he could fly it to the moon, and The Cheat tried to eat it). personal favorites
Corn Krunch Corn Krunch is a corn flake cereal. Homestar Runner hot-glues the flakes to his face to make himself ugly for the "jazz ensemble" in death metal. It comes with a free full-size alto saxophone. death metal

Food named after characters

Image Description Appearances
It sure is old! Bubs' Old Pizza is another fine product that Bubs sells, presumably from his concession stand. Homestar Runner is his delivery boy, bringing The Cheat's order to him in the email "privileges." Judging from the name, and the slogan "It's-a really old," the product is not very fresh. The grease stains on the box further add to the questionable quality. privileges
Old-Timey ale! Coach Z Ale is a brand of (presumably alcoholic) ale that is either produced or endorsed by Coach Z. This "Differently Lame!" beverage may be a competitor of the Cold One. The black-and-white ad for Coach Z Ale is printed on a scroll and features Coach Z with a top hat (normally, he wears a baseball cap) proudly holding a bottle of the Ale, along with two blades of wheat and the product slogan. time capsule
A Nutritious Part of your Morning Routine! Little is known about Strong Bad's EGGS "brand type cereal" other than the fact that it originated in an Easter egg at the end of Strong Bad Email morning routine. This breakfast cereal claims to be "A nutritious part of your morning routine" and essentially has the endorsement of Strong Bad. It is interesting to note that all the types of eggs featured on the box were originally found in the couch by Strong Sad during the aforementioned Strong Bad Email. In the nutrition facts listed on the box as "side words", "0 mg" is cited seven times. The ingredients on the side of the box say "Eggs, eggs, eggs, and two more eggs." morning routine
Not O's in the least Sugar Crunchy Cheat Commandos...O's Sugar Cereal is a breakfast cereal made by Cheap as Free foodstuffs. The product was introduced by a commercial in which several members of the Cheat Commandos were saved from exhaustion in the desert by a welcome delivery of the cereal. Ironically, they are not O's, but instead are a Cap'n-Crunch-type cereal. The cereal is not part of a nutritious breakfast, nor is it a delicious breakfast, but rather, a "ridiculous" one. They come in two varieties: "regular," and with Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. It also comes with a gallon of ice cream. Cheat Commandos...O's
whisk away the worries! Uncle Strong Bad's Flavor Taste Style Chewing Powders is presumably a chewing gum. This was introduced in an Easter egg in 2 emails. It is endorsed by Old-Timey Strong Bad, and its slogan is "Whisk Away The Worries!" It is produced in Strong Bad Powdertory in St. Louis, Missouri. 2 emails

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