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The different costumes of other characters.

Image Character Costume Seen in
The Yello Dello A gardener In Search of the Yello Dello New Version
Bad Graphics Ghost Santaman Decemberween Email Menu
Limozeen Pilgrims and an Indian Limozeen Thanksgiving E-Cards
Rather Dashing A corny folk singer Peasant's Quest
Trogdor With party hat and noisemaker Happy Trogday
You can't destroy him! Marshie Gaseous Marshmallow Vapor Email candy product
All the King's Men! Blue tuxedos Email senior prom
Senor Cardgage With a backwards cap Email theme song
The Goblin With shades and swim trunks Happy Hallow-day
The Three Keepers of Trogdor With brown robes Email looking old
Senor Cardgage An usher Email the movies, email rated, email independent
All the King's Men! Mariachis Email the movies
Senor Cardgage Senor Cardgage Bubs Email original
Crack Stuntman Crack Stunt-Bubs Email original
The S Is For Sucks Wearing a cowboy hat, a baseball cap, and glasses, freckles, and hair Trogday 08
The S Is For Sucks Wearing a constable's hat Trogday 08
The S Is For Sucks Good Drawing'd Trogday 08
The Announcer With a tuxedo. Email yes, wrestling, email hremail3184
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