Monosodium Dreams

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"You clearly don't have what it takes to bring NO LOAFING to the digital age."

The Cheat's New iMac (model name unknown) debuted on July 10, 2006 in the email redesign. It apparently replaced Tangerine Dreams. It is modeled after the design of Apple's Intel iMac desktop computer (but with the Tandy logo on it). While Strong Bad wonders why this computer only has half a monitor, the entire computer is a single unit, including a flat-screen display. He also mistakes the wireless mouse for a plastic bar of soap. In the creator commentary for the email redesign, Mike had to think of the new name for during the commentary of the email, and he called it "Monosodium Dreams."

The operating system is a version of [[Wikipedia:Mac OS X|Mac OS X. The font used for the menu bar is Chicago.


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