Moses Malone

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Moses Malone

Moses Malone is The Cheat's buddy in his favorite series of bedtime stories, "The Ch8t's Cheatventures in Moses MaloneLand." He seems to talk through the blue-striped sock on his right leg that moves up and down as he speaks. Moses enjoys playing video games with The Cheat, but doesn't care for the company of Maggot Man, whom he greets with "Uh oh, Maggot Man" and a high-powered kick that causes an explosion. He also apparently bends over completely when playing video games, as he is shown standing up, but with his hands near the floor. He also doesn't like The Adventures of Lolo or Bayou Billy, and hopes The Cheat saved the receipts.

The real Moses Malone was Hall of Fame NBA and ABA basketball player. He passed away in 2015.

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