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*Wikipedia article on [[Wikipedia:Mountain Dew|Mountain Dew]]
*Wikipedia article on [[Wikipedia:Mountain Dew|Mountain Dew]]
*[ Official Mountain Dew Page]
*[ Official Mountain Dew Page]
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[[Category:Food and drinks]][[Category:Inside Jokes]][[Category:Stubs]]

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Never-ending Soda

Homestar's Mountain Dew was first mentioned in techno, where Strong Bad told The Cheat to break a glowstick open and pour it in Homestar's Mountain Dew. Its first appearance wasn't until the Strong Bad email anything where Homestar applied it "liberally" onto the Compy 386's keyboard. It apparently is "never-ending," as Homestar says, if you wait around 15 seconds after "anything" is over. It has also made an appearance in Homestar's bucket of popcorn in extra plug.

Homestar's Mountain Dew is also mentioned in couch patch at the end when Homestar says to The Cheat, "Dang, The Cheat. That computer's got something against you. Did you ever, like, pour Mountain Dew all over it?"

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