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"You got... SBLOUNSKCHED!"

Several of the made-up words in the Homestar Runner universe feature multiple consecutive consonant clusters. Most of them are formed in Strong Bad Emails and have more consonants than any other real word in the English language, usually making them slightly difficult to pronounce. Most of the consonants are also part of consonant blends.

In the modern English language, the largest number of consonants that appear in a row in a single word is five (e.g. strengths, lengths, angsts, twelfths). However, if the letters y and w are accepted as consonants, then the archaic word twyndyllyngs has the most consonants in a row, with twelve.

[edit] Examples

  • Email i love you — The mailer's name is "fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf", which has groups of six, sixteen, three, three and four consonants (although the "y" is treated as a vowel), in that order. Strong Bad manages to read the whole word once, but then decides to shorten it to just fhqwhgads, which still has six consonants in a row.
  • Strong Sad's Lament, Email retirement, and Rotten Eggs — Strong Sad refers to his feet as "soolnds". This has four consonants in a row.
  • Email candy product — The name of Strong Bad's candy bar is "SBLOUNSKCHED!", which has five consonants in a row; furthermore, the "e" is silent, phonetically adding the "D" to the consonant cluster.
  • Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene — When asked to spell any word, Coach Z makes Strong Bad type "pfargtl", which has four consonants in a row. It is supposedly an animal.
  • Email fan club — Strong Bad's made-up word, "engsmsplode", has seven consonants in a row.
  • Email dictionary — Two of the words in Count Longardeaux's Strong Badian Jerktionary Fo' My Own Words!, "pffgh" and "graaauuughnck", have five consonants in a row for each word. Furthermore, "pffgh" doesn't have a single vowel.
  • Email videography — A tape emerges from a VCR with a label on it reading "bar-mitzfvfahs". "Mitzfvfahs" has five consecutive consonants.
  • Cartoon Characters — Strong Bad's upside-down L is labeled in the upper right as "UPSIDE-DOWN L (bkwdsfarout)", with six consecutive consonants.
  • Fan Costumes 2017 — Strong Bad and Bubs refer to Bubs' Concession Stand as "Bubsmfort Inn & Suites," with a slogan of "Make yourself Bubsmfortable;" both words have four consonants in a row.
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