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There are several instances where Homestar Runner's shirt (and sometimes his hat as well) comes off and he becomes naked. When this happens, the nudity is usually censored by a pixelated blur that covers his torso. Homestar is never especially concerned by his bareness, usually reacting with little more than a surprised "Oh!" or a cynical observation about his shirtlessness. (One exception is Homestar Ruiner, where his nudity is a significant plot point and a source of much embarrassment.)


  • Fan Stuff — There is a fan-made picture of Homestar standing naked with Marzipan, looking rather angry. Here, the nudity is censored by a black bar, which covers just the pelvic area and not the whole torso. There is also another picture of Pom Pom with Homestar's clothes on, with Homestar peeking in, suggesting nudity. The comment for this picture states "Everybody seems to like getting Homestar naked".
  • In Search of the Yello Dello Deleted Scenes — In deleted scene #2, Homestar is naked in Coach Z's Locker Room. Since his back is turned, however, there is no pixelation.
  • Main Page 14 — Rolling over "Email" causes Homestar's towel to come off. This is the first appearance of the modern pixelation.
  • Email halloweener — In order to make a Strong Bad Halloween costume, Homestar's shirt is taken off.
  • First Time Here? — On take 25, Homestar will sometimes be naked.
  • Homestar Presents: Presents — Homestar runs out of his house, "naked somehow".
  • Email fan club — In Strong Bad's fan fiction, Homestar "traipses in, naked as a jaybird". However, instead of his entire torso being pixelated, Homestar wears a leaf, which covers only an area directly above his legs. Strong Bad's conception of naked Homestar also retains his signature star.
  • Homestar Ruiner — To get in the race, you need to take Homestar's clothes while he's in the shower. A cut scene afterward will then show him leave the locker room naked. You can also trim a hedge with the shears, which will produce a topiary of naked Homestar with a strategically-placed leaf instead of pixelation.

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