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Image:Neb-1.PNG|<center>Stinkoman 20X6</center>
Image:Neb-1.PNG|<center>Stinkoman 20X6</center>
Image:Cardboardulon.png|<center>Wooden cutout</center>
Image:Cardboardulon.png|<center>Wooden cutout</center>
Image:Nebulon_floater_2.png|<center>Nebulon floatation device</center>
Image:Nebulon_floater_2.png|<center>Nebulon floatation device</center>

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"No one likes your style!"

Nebulon is an alien who is most often seen in space and on the moon. He first appeared on Main Page 1, but he was not named until The Cheat's cartoon New Boots. According to The Cheat's rendition of Strong Bad in his cartoon, no one likes Nebulon's style. Since then, Nebulon has made a number of cameo appearances ranging from a drawing, a wooden cutout, or other various novelty items, but he did not actually appear as a real character in any Homestar Runner cartoon until winter pool. He has also never been known to say anything, though the Stinkomanual attributes the quote "Another green salad, another iced tea..." to him.

His appearance changes slightly depending on where he shows up, but generally, Nebulon has a green tube-like body with three pinkish spots, a large mouth with prominent jagged teeth and tongue, and yellow eyes on stalks. He also has a tail and short legs that make him appear like he's always sitting. When Nebulon is told to go away, the mouth closes into a frown and a distinctive sound effect is heard.

Nebulon made a brief appearance in the sole episode of Limozeen's space cartoon. He also appeared in an Easter egg in the email narrator, where Marzipan (as some type of enormous alien cow) says she has always admired Nebulon's style. (Nebulon seems less than pleased by this statement.) He made another appearance as a wooden cutout in the email senior prom, where the theme was "Entrapment All Up On the Moon".

Nebulon is also the boss of Stinkoman 20X6 Level 5. It is unclear whether this is the same Nebulon or a 20X6 counterpart, as it is bigger, stronger and has a much different physique, though the Stinkomanual says that he's been working out. When you beat Nebulon, 1-Up repeats the phrase "Get out of here, Nebulon! No one likes your style!"

It is possible that Nebulon is a sort of culture icon in Free Country, judging by the fact that several Nebulon-themed merchandise are featured in several toons.

  • The Poopsmith wore a Nebulon-styled inner tube in keep cool. When he was forbidden from entering Strong Bad's pool, he slumped his shoulders, and Nebulon's exit sound was heard.

Although Nebulon does not appear in the game Secret Collect, the creators of that game's cartoon still used him in the bumper, as seen in web comics. However, he does appear as the main bad guy in Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • Matt Chapman said in an interview, "...[Nebulon's misery] cracked me up to no end. I could watch Nebulon crying and moping away forever."
    • Later, when doing the DVD commentary for New Boots, Matt said, "That's probably my favorite moment in any Homestar cartoon ever, is when Nebulon ages a thousand years when he's so sad."
  • His graffiti tag name is "NEB-1." Graffiti taggers use a "1" after a name to show that they were the first to use that name.
  • The sound made as Nebulon leaves in the various Strong Bad Emails is the introduction sound to the game Star Trek for Windows 9x, a strategy action game.
  • The name Nebulon is derived from "nebula".

[edit] Filmography

[edit] Character Evolution

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
Original Design 2000 Main Page 1 N/A
The second design 2005 best thing; winter pool; Play Date The eyes are rounder, the overall outline is smoother and darker, the mouth is smaller, the stems connected to his eyes are shorter and on the top of its head instead of its forehead, and there is more shading in his skintones.

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