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Although most cartoons are set during the time they are released, some cartoons are meant to be set well before the date they were made.


  • Email sb_email 22 — This email was released after vacation, the 40th Strong Bad Email.
  • Email flashbackStrong Bad pulls out a storybook detailing how he and [[Homestar Runner] first met.
  • Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw — Strong Bad reads another storybook, this time regarding the origin of Homestar Runner's signature red shirt.
  • Email lady-ing — Remarking that the email he received that day closely resembles one from his past, Strong Bad plays a laserdisc showing him answering that email in the style of Marshmallow's Last Stand.
  • Hremail 7 — This cartoon is shown to be made in 2001, despite being released in 2009. It shows how Strong Bad first received the Tandy 400.
  • Email imaginary — Strong Bad relates a story from his childhood about his fight with Strong Sad and his imaginary friend.
  • Homestar Runner Goes For The Gold — Though long rejected, Homestar and Strong Bad pull this story out of the shed to discover what would have happened if it were released back then.
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