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Senor Cardgage loses the non-sequitur championship to Homsar and must form a coherent thought as punishment.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Senor Cardgage, Strong Sad

Places: The Show

Date: Friday, February 29, 2008

Running Time: 1:10



HOMESTAR RUNNER: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Up next, we got a real whip cream special treat for ya. {medium shot of Homestar} Here to complete a coherent thought is the loser of the Non Sequitur Championship, Senor Cardgage!

{Zoom out. Senor Cardgage walks on stage from the left.}

SENOR CARDGAGE: Thank yo, Presbyterian.

{Cuts to a close-up of Senor Cardgage, facing the camera}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {off-screen} All right, let 'er rip!

SENOR CARDGAGE: {subtitled} Panctice... Squad... Cutterback.

{A buzzing noise is heard and an X with "Nope Way!" under it appears}

SENOR CARDGAGE: {subtitled} Oh... Lifty Fernandez.

{A buzzing noise is heard and an X with "Nope Way!" under it appears. Zoom out to Homestar Runner and Senor Cardgage}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: One more tryyyy.

{Cut back to a close-up of Senor Cardgage}

SENOR CARDGAGE: {subtitled} Grape... Soda... Banked?

{Cut to Homestar Runner}


{Cut to Strong Sad sitting at a desk drawing on a piece of paper. A plaque reads "Celebrity Judge(s)"}

STRONG SAD: I think we have a winner!

{Strong Sad shows a drawing of a grape soda bottle with eyes and a mouth with an ATM. Below the drawing is the text "GRAPE SODA BANKED!"}

STRONG SAD: Grape soda banked!

{Cut to Homestar Runner}


SENOR CARDGAGE: {ashamed} Oh.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: There you have it, folks! A coherent thought by Senor Cardgage! Until next time, as always...

{as Homestar says the following, the audience joins in and the words appear onscreen}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Chant words together!

{Credits scroll up as Senor Cardgage and Homestar mumble at each other in the background:

A Sportsinterviews/Chimendez Production

Produced by Cherry Greg

Lifty Fernandez

Juan Aikman

Mr. Runner's Wardrobe provided by
Styles Upon Styles

Finally, a card with "again?" appears.}

Fun Facts



  • This toon can be found in the Store, but not in the TV Time Toons menu.
  • The Flash file for this toon is hosted on
  • Strong Sad didn't write "Grape Soda Banked" in his usual, elegant handwriting.
  • When Strong Sad first draws the picture, it lacks color, but when he shows the camera, the grapes on the label and the bills emerging from the ATM are colored.

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