Nonexistent Strong Bad Emails

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"Clear the launchway, man. We're takin' this baby TO THE MOOOOOOON!"

Occasionally, during a Strong Bad Email, characters may mention or flashback to an email that does not exist. This page lists the email and the nonexistent ones mentioned/shown.


  • Email personal favoritesStrong Bad mentions a long list of his "favorite" emails, most of which never happened.
  • Email — Strong Bad shows "the first email ever" which was done in the style of Marshmallow's Last Stand.
  • Weclome Back — Strong Bad allegedly checks an email while skydiving, but accidentally doesn't properly record it.
  • Email email thunder — While Homestar mentions three scenes from previous "Hremails", Strong Bad protests that they were from his own sbemails. However, one of the scenes had never appeared before.
  • Sbemailiarized! — All of the emails shown never happened.
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