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"I feel so fine, I feel so elated!"

The description Not X (where "X" can be anything) is sometimes used in odd ways or contexts.


  • Pumpkin Carve-nivalBubs gets rewarded a "NOT LAST" ribbon for his pumpkin.
  • Email marzipanStrong Bad asks Marzipan if she "dislike[s] Not Strong Bad".
  • Email personal favorites — The Grape-Nuts Robot has a "Not New!" sticker.
  • Email other days — Strong Bad's calendar shows he has "NOT swim practice!" scheduled for Friday.
  • Email origins — Strong Bad hopes his reply makes Luke "not email him anymore."
  • Email bottom 10 — Strong Bad describes dry T-shirt contests as a "waste of not water". He later says that the number 5 item on his bottom 10 is "not pigeons".
  • Email highschool — Strong Bad concludes with the score report "Strong Bad Emails: 1, Not Strong Bad Emails: 0."
  • Kid Speedy — Completing the game awards the player with a message saying, "YOU GOT NOT DEAD LAST!"
  • Email theme song — It bugs Strong Bad that the emailer's face "doesn't have a not tons of acne".
  • Email trading cards — Strong Bad thinks trading cards are "the biggest waste of not a video game on the planet".
  • Email looking old — Strong Bad asks "What am I not paying you people for?"
  • Marshie vs. Little GirlLittle Girl describes Halloween costumes as either "scary stuff or not scary stuff".
  • Jibblies 2Homestar tells Marzipan he's "busy not answering the phone".
  • Toikey TV — Strong Bad wants to watch "not football". The King of Town decries the dangers of "not fried turkeys".
  • Email diorama — Strong Bad reads the email sender's location, "Charlotte, N.C." as "Charlotte, Not Charlotte", and comments, "Whoa, it's like you're no place!"
  • Email nightlifeStrong Sad talks about busting out some fresh not dancing, to which Marzipan responds that she plans to bust out some fresh not hanging out with Strong Sad.

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