Odd Marriages

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"I now pronounce you man and pleasant odor."

Many characters in Free Country, USA appear to have married inanimate objects, animals, or other odd things. Whether they are actually married is usually uncertain.


  • Trogday 08Coach Z says that Wormdingler doesn't need any consummate V's to be his bride. He then displays great shame at saying this aloud.
  • Play DateThe King of Town celebrates his 50th anniversary with Brunswick Stew, calling it "the dollop of sour cream year".
  • Email the paper — In the DVD commentary, Strong Bad says that The Paper's return in email thunder was a "sham marriage". What the marriage was to is unknown.
  • Email magic trick — Strong Bad says he wants to marry the E-mail's sender, Agnes from Sweden.
  • According to Email fan club, Bubs has been married at least twice.
  • Homestar Ruiner — The King of Town ends up trapped in a loveless marriage to the queen of the mole people.
  • KOT's VOQPCSThe Poopsmith tries to marry a batch of roses, but when he tries to kiss them, they wilt suddenly.
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