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Hungry in the 30s

1936 (Or sometimes referred as Old-Timey) is the collective name for the "Black and White" era of Homestar cartoons. The toons from this period lack colour and have grainy film and sloppy edits. The characters look and sound differently than their modern-day counterparts, and often have slightly different personae.

This era spans from 1933 with "Kick the Can" to the 1937 release of "That a Ghost." Further toons may be uncovered one day.

Most of the toons from this era centre around the main characters' (The Homestar Runner, 1936 Marzipan and Fat Dudley) quest for food, and The Strong Bad's attempts to foil them.

It is possible that 1936-era dates are following the current date, with a difference of 67 years. Kick the Can, dated 1933, was released in 2000. Later cartoons released in 2003 are dated 1936, and That A Ghost, released in 2004, is dated 1937.

Characters (in order of appearance)

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