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Unmarked Grave at work

Old-Timey Bubs works at the Parsnip Depot, the Old-Timey Bubs' Concession Stand. He has a stripe on his midsection, prominent buck teeth that move while he speaks, and his own shop, just like his modern-day counterpart. He speaks with a very wheezy voice (just as the current Bubs has a very gravelly, raspy voice). It is doubtful that this version is as good at dancing as the current Bubs, because he's blind and only has one leg. Nevertheless, he can play the banjo.

He is presumably the son of Mark Grave and was apparently buried alive. Therefore, since the tombstone in Cholera Acres Cemetary bears the legend "Unmarked Grave | son of Mark Grave", it is possible that "Unmarked Grave" is his name.


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