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Template:coverscontent The Old Characters Page was an early attempt to introduce the various denizens of Free Country, USA. Some of the character traits have remained from this early page, but not all. Most notably it is on this page that declares The King of Town as Marzipan's father, but this has since been discredited. This page does not include The Poopsmith or Homsar as Homsar was created later, and The Poopsmith was not considered a main character then.

This page was eventually superseded by the Yearbook Character Page with the addition of The Poopsmith.

Current Page Title: The Original Website!

Original Page Title: She loves me...



Strongest and maddest of the Strongs. Would you like a knuckle sandwich?
The King of Town rules! He is Marzipan's dad and likes his sheep a lot. That's kinda weird, huh?
Bubs runs the concessions down at the ball fields. He makes a helluva sno-cone. How 'bout that?
The Cheat cheats all the time. What a cheater!
Leader of the Strongs. Strong Bad comes from Parts Unknown. Lookout! He is trying to cheat off your paper!!
Coach Z isn't really much of a coach, he just thinks Coach Z sounds cooler than just Z. What do you think?
Everyone loves the Homestar Runner. He is a terrific athlete. He will share his ice cream with you.
Strong Sad has been disowned by his brothers Strong Bad and Mad. On the plus side, he has very good handwriting!
Marzipan is Homestar Runner's main squeeze. She loves horses and her boyfriend, too.
Homestar Runner's best friend. Pom-Pom comes from the Isle of Pom where they bounce around like baksketballs .

Fun Facts


  • When you roll over The Cheat's name, neither word is capitalized.
  • Strong Bad's pants are blue here.
  • Strong Mad's singlet is black here.
  • The King of Town's link box extends all the way to the top of the frame. None of the other characters have this.
  • This is the only reference to the King of Town being Marzipan's dad. According to The Brothers Chaps in the Club Aquatica interview, this was an old idea that they have since abandoned.
  • Strong Sad being disowned is another idea that The Brothers Chaps have apparently abandoned.


  • The word "basketballs" is misspelled in Pom-Pom's description (it's spelled "baksketballs").
  • In Strong Bad's description, "Lookout" should actually be two words.
  • When any character from the back row is clicked on, they (and the floor) go over the characters in front of them.

Inside References

  • Homestar Runner's description comes from the original book.
  • The page title "She loves me..." is from the early game She Loves Me!, also in the Museum. It's possible that the Brothers Chaps just reused the same HTML for both and forgot to change the title.
  • The loading animation is used in Marshmallow's Last Stand.
  • This page contains swears.

Real-World References

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