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Walking after midnight

This is an old intro in the Museum. It has been parodied in several Toons.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner

Running Time: 0:15

Date: May 10, 2000 or before

Page Title: Homestar Runner!

Original Page Title: Everyone Loves the Homestar Runner



{Open to a nighttime scene featuring a silhouette of a small hill with a crescent moon above. Music from the older intro is playing. A silhouette of Homestar runs in from the right and starts running up the hill. The words "EVERYONE LOVES HOMESTAR RUNNER" drop in at the top of the screen. Homestar reaches the top of the hill and stops running. The words "HE IS A TERRIFIC ATHLETE" slide in from the left at the bottom of the screen. The words move offscreen as the camera zooms in on Homestar and spins around him, with the scene brightening as the moon moves offscreen and the sun passes by, and ending with a closeup of his head inside a circle. The Homestar Runner logo appears below the circle. The music stops.}


Fun Facts


You gotta have the blue hat.
  • Clicking the close button after the toon leads to a blank light blue page. Right-clicking at this page will give the message "movie not loaded...". This is because it is trying to redirect to the Old Flash Stuff menu, where all content is embedded.
  • The brim of Homestar's hat is blue when he turns around, but the rest of him remains the same.

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