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Characters as ornaments.

Ornaments have made lots of appearances in the Homestar Runner universe. Their inclusion has ranged from unusual to commonplace.


Ornaments featured in what i want

Marzipan points out that giving an ornament as a present means that the present ceases to be useful the moment it's opened.

Image Description
1974 Coach Z Ornament. Featured in Decemberween Short Shorts.
Eh! Steve! Soiled Gold Ornament. Featured in Weekly Fanstuff.
Cool Snowman Surfing the Internet Ornament
Homemade Clothespin Reindeer – "Klibber"

Character Ornaments from Decemberween Short Shorts

Ordered from left to right and top to bottom on the tree.

Image Character Description
Strong Sad Glass ornament. Barely visible, but is the most expensive
ornament on the tree by about 45 dollars.
Bubs Painted glass ornament. Thinks Coach Z should choose a
newer picture for his ornament.
Homestar Runner Gingerbread cookie. Feels delicious and wants to eat himself.
Pom Pom Spherical tree ornament
Strong Bad Sequin head-shaped tree ornament. Worth 4.5 cents.
Mouth varies between 3, 4, and 6 sequins.
Coach Z Aforementioned Coach Z ornament on the tree. Claims the
ornament represents the prime of his dating year.
The King of Town Decemberween stocking. Wouldn't mind being stuffed full of coal.
Strong Mad Wrapped present
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