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At the end of most Strong Bad Emails, a link to email Strong Bad is printed on a piece of paper. Most of the time, this link appears on The Paper, New Paper, Compé-per, or CGI Paper; however, sometimes a replacement paper is used. This most often happens because the email or scene is a different style than usual (for example, Old-Timey or Powered by The Cheat).

Image Description Appearances
"The Future...Sorta!" Supra Modern Telegram is the Old-Timey version of The Paper. It is only seen in this role in the DVD version of little animal, during an Old-Timey Easter egg. It is a gray paper that reads "-the end-" below its slogan, "The Future...Sorta!". The sides of the paper have darker gray boxes with letters and numbers inside of them. little animal (DVD version)
"Preeor..." Powered by The Cheat The Paper has been seen in two Powered by The Cheat-themed emails. Most of the time, it has the same text as The Paper, but in badly-formed letters. In DVD versions, YouTube versions, and Crazy Cartoon (its only non-email appearance), it reads ">>>The End<<<". It makes a vocalized "preeeeow"-like sound when it comes down. crazy cartoon, mile
We the people... The Constitution of the United States with the email address written in red serves as a paper in Strong Bad's dream email aboard the Nuclear Class Submarine "Soccermom". The paper is beige and looks old, with small tears and wrinkles. dreamail
An envelope. That's all. The Envelope Paper is an interdepartmental Manila envelope with "click HERE to email strong bad" written on its flap below the words "Inter-Department Delivery". Only the section marked "HERE" is actually clickable. The Envelope Paper's tenure was short-lived, only being used in one email alongside the Corpy NT6 after The Paper and/or New Paper disintegrated in the Lappy 486's explosion in the previous email, hremail 3184. In independent, Strong Bad began using his new Compé for checking his email and the Envelope Paper was replaced with the Compé-per. imaginary

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