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This article is about pants in general. For the running gag about whether Homestar Runner wears pants, see Homestar Runner's Pants.
Fabulous Downtown Pantsburg

Pants are a frequently-referenced clothing item in the Homestar Runner universe. They are often referenced specifically and in humorous ways.

Coach Z's References to Pants

Coach Z makes frequent jokes and references to pants, whether his own or someone else's.

  • Email super powers — Coach Z places the blame squarely on tight pants.
  • Email lunch special — Coach Z orders a basket of double hot wings "pants down".
  • Email secret recipes — After discovering he'd just eaten a bunch of The Cheat fur, Coach Z says he's about to "puke [his] pants".
  • Email rock opera — Coach Z provides the word "pants" as part of the line "double pants" in the rock opera.
  • A Folky Tale — Coach Z tells Strong Sad to "cram a little oom-pah down your pants" in an effort to get him to climb a rope.
  • Email alternate universe (Easter egg) — Coach Z, while holding a pear covered in googly eyes and with coffee continually streaming down his mouthless face, tells Homestar he is "not at liberty to discuss what I just did in my pants."

Other Pants

Random references to pants appear from time to time in various toons, emails and games.

  • Fortune Cookies — One of the fortunes reads "Clumsiness will bring about a change of pants."
  • That A GhostOld-Timey Strong Bad claims he will be "marching around in gold pants in no time!" Later, as a skeleton, he complains that he will "never find gold pants that fit this tiny waist!"
  • Hallrunner — One of the objects you encounter is a rabid dog that "bites the butt off your pants. Like in cartoons."
  • Peasant's Quest — The narrator of the Peasant's Quest Preview and movie trailer, as well as other characters, make frequent references to Rather Dashing's short pants.
    • Another reference to these short pants appears at the beginning of the email for kids.
  • Email stand-up — Strong Sad shows us a video in which Lil' Strong Bad's pants fall down while he's on stage.
  • Email vacation — One of the places Strong Bad visits is "Fabulous Downtown Pantsburg".
  • Email funny — In an effort to be funny, Strong Bad says he has "squeaky pants".
  • Email haircut — Strong Bad calls one of his designs for Strong Mad's eyebrows "Hammer Pants".
  • Email local news — Summarizing the weather report, Strong Bad says "Bundle up, but keep your swimsuit on outside your pants."
  • Email bottom 10 — Homestar sings "Buttdance again! Like the rhythm's down your pants now!", causing Strong Bad to vomit on his keyboard.
  • Email portrait — A portion of a newspaper article near one of Strong Bad's portraits reads "Wipe hands on pants, yo".
  • Email candy product — Strong Bad's SBLOUNSKCHED! bar resembles his own pants.
  • Email senior prom — Strong Bad crashes the prom and threatens to "poof away" everyone's pants in a massive pantsing, but then realizes he is the only one there who is wearing pants. His pants poof away, leaving him standing in a pair of boxer shorts. (Homestar, who claims to wear long pants, is not affected, but later claims he was.)
  • Email highschool — According to Strong Bad's "doodle memory", one of the things he and Strong Mad do in high school is try to liberate or emancipate Homestar from his ridiculous striped pants.
  • Email alternate universe — As Strong Bad is warped around the multiverse by Homestar, he meets his high school counterpart who says "striped pants".
  • Email strong badathlon — After being disqualified from the Remote Put, Strong Bad says to check the East German's pants.
  • Email unnatural — Homestar, convinced Bubs has turned all the other citizens of Free Country, USA into ants, suggests the group go jump in somebody's pants.
  • Commandos in the ClassroomBlue Laser Minions tell Fightgar to stuff wine coolers down his pants, but quickly change the request from pants to headband upon realizing he doesn't wear them.
  • An Important Rap SongGunhaver tells Blue Laser Commander to put his pants back on, to which the Commander replies, "How could you possibly refer to these as PANTS?!"
  • Email rough copy — Strong Bad threatens to literally sue the pants off Malinko for drawing comics about himself and The Cheat.
  • DNA EvidenceHomsar says, "Aaaaaaaaa! These Easter pants are getting way too tight!"
  • Ever and More! — Bubs mentions that he's always grouchy because he hasn't been able to wear his lucky pants for over 10 years.
  • Main Page 24 — Strong Bad searches for his pants.

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