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I'm gonna have to ask you to leave my parent's basement now

The location of someone's parents' basement has been mentioned in a few cartoons as well as in public appearances of The Brothers Chaps. The phrase is usually used by Strong Bad as a means to ridicule another individual.

Cartoon Appearances

  • Email road trip — Strong Bad refers to an email sender as "Pete from Pete's parents' basement.
  • Email environment — Strong Bad says he's making out with the environment in the parent's basement of a solar-powered house.
  • Limozeen Live — The link to the video read "Watch us practicing in our parents' basement."
  • Email magic trickD N'D Greg asks Coach Z to leave his parent's basement.
  • Fan costumes '08 — Strong Bad accuses a dressed-up fan of living in the basement of his parents' basement.

Public appearances

Other appearances

  • Strong Badia the Free Responses — Strong Bad tells an email sender to figure out where in his parents' basement to hang his Bob Marley poster.
  • Thorax Corporation — The CEO, Gent Delabor, Sr. manages Delabor family affairs from his parents' basement.
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