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Aw, paunch!

Paunch is a word used occasionally by Strong Bad. In normal usage, paunch refers to someone's stomach, particularly a well-fed one, though Strong Bad has used it in some rather odd places.


  • Debut: Email licensed— Two names for the country that "has changed names at least five times since [Strong Bad] was in the seventh grade" have been both East and West Paunch.
  • Strong Badia the Free— In his pep talk for his soldiers in preperation to attack the King of Town Strong Bad may say "We've got to hit him where all old people are the weakest: right in the paunch."
  • Where U Goin' 2?— Many times in this toon Paunchberry ice cream is mentioned.
  • dictionary— While talking about his dictionary, Strong Bad mentions some words must be described with a scratch and sniff, such as the word "Paunch." He mentions Strong Sad's paunch smells horrible. When Strong Sad denies it, all the characters appear onstage (including Strong Sad), and agree in unison, that Strong Sad's Paunch does smell horrible.
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