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Peacey P

"Y'all biscuitheads!"
Genre Hip-hop/Rap
Discography Rap Song (2007)
Trudgemank(guest star, with Taranchula) (2008)

Peacey P is a well-known rapper. The Ugly One is a fan of his, and he first appeared when The Ugly One misunderstood when What's Her Face mentioned PCP. In addition to PCP, his name bears a striking resemblance to Eazy-E and Percee P. His voice resembles that of Snoop Dogg. His speech is very muddled, and some of what he says is unintelligible. This is especially the case in Powered by The Cheat segments, when he doesn't say anything remotely intelligible at all. He has a symbolized representation of his name ("☮y P") on his shirt, and a very large afro. His album Deliberance was released on Crample-O Stow Records. According to Teen Girl Squad Issue #13, Deliberance "drops next Sursdai." His favorite phrase is "y'all biscuitheads."

Peacey P is primarily known as a guest rapper, and has even guest-starred on his own album. His self proclamation as "the best guest rapper in the music biz" may be a reference to Nate Dogg, who is better known for being featured on the hooks of many hit hip hop tracks. It is worth noting that Peacey P has never actually appeared in Free Country, USA. He has only ever been portrayed in Teen Girl Squad and Powered by The Cheat, except for a stylized appearance while advertising for Blubb-O's.

Homestar Runner wears a Peacey P shirt in Main Page 24.


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