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Peasant's Quest Outtakes, exclusively found on Everything Else, Volume 1, is a compilation of scenes that did not make it into Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer.

Cast (in order of appearance): Rather Dashing played by Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman, The Blue Knight, King of Peasantry, Jhonka, Baby Lady & Her Baby played by Jackie Chapman, Ryan Sterritt

Running Time: 3:13


{Open to the first real-life scene from Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer.}

RATHER DASHING: Where's my cottage? {Camera shakes slightly while speaking.}

MIKE CHAPMAN: {offscreen} Ryan kicked the tripod.

MATT CHAPMAN: {acts angry} Oh, great! {camera shakes again} This is just turning into a great day on the set!

{Cut to the Blue Knight.}

THE BLUE KNIGHT: More like, rather would be somewhere else, like fishing... off the pier... with my grandma.

{Cut to the King of Peasantry sitting on a throne in front of a green screen.}

KING OF PEASANTRY: {angrily} I won't have you sassing around {offscreen laughter; king cracks up} with this council...

{Cut to Matt Chapman as Rather Dashing in a robe in front of a green screen. Matt sticks out his tongue and blows a raspberry.}

{Cut to Matt Chapman as Rather Dashing in a robe with a drawn sword. He is standing in front of a wall of sediment and roots.}

MATT CHAPMAN: Here come the cops. {lowers his sword}

MIKE CHAPMAN: {offscreen} Really?

MATT CHAPMAN: Yeah. {freezes, waits a few seconds, then raises his sword. Speaks as Rather Dashing.} Not tonigh—

JHONKA: You shoulda' told me this was all un-even. I just look like some, punk, kid.

{laughter offscreen}

MATT CHAPMAN: {offscreen} You look, you look gorgeus.

{Cut to Matt Chapman dressed as Rather Dashing with his wig to the front a little, his voice dragged out and slow, while standing in front of a green screen}

MATT CHAPMAN: Hello. I'm ta— taking lessons off of, seas.

MIKE CHAPMAN: {offscreen} Taking lessons over seas?


{Cut to Matt Chapman dressed as Rather Dashing, walking in front of a lake}

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