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The Brothers Chaps at one time were developing two different sequels to Peasant's Quest that have since been abandoned. One was a direct sequel involving the "throw baby" baby, and another parodied MMORPGs and was called "Peasant's Quest: ONLINE???" (formatted different ways in different places, but always with the question mark). The drafts below were released as a wiki exclusive. All formatting has been preserved (bold in original), except that links have been added.


Released: Friday, September 9, 2011

PEASANT'S QUEST 2: Return of the Babym'n


Rather Dashing's brave efforts to destroy the Burninator inspired the countryside, setting off a wave of attempted smotings the likes of which Peasantry, nor Trogdor, had ever seen. Though most of these attempts met with utter burnination, one such brave peasant, called Mitch, succeeded. Instead of trying to vanquish Trogdor, Mitch used powerful magicks and card tricks to seal the Burninator in his cave for all eternity. Only by completing an extremely convoluted and dangerous quest would one be able to break the seal and unleash Trogdor. And what peasant in his or her right mind would want to do something like that?

25 olde years latre, all memory and monument of Rather Dashing and his deeds have disappeared (the statue's head fell off), replaced by those of Mitch (they taped an image of his head to the statue). Life in Peasantry is no longer a hardship and a seemingly benevolent Queen (Queen Babyladia) hands out riches like it's no peasant's business.

We join a hooded, mysterious traveling peasant (with a mead problem) known only as the Babym'n who searches relentlessly for information about his one-time father. He discovers, from a dying, old royal knight, that Trogdor himself knows more about his father than any other living creature and is rumored to have even made a little scrap-tome about him. So the Babym'n sets off on a quest to defeat Mitch, learn the truth about Queen Babyladia (mom?), break the magical seal, free the Burninator, and maybe ask him a couple questions about the peasant he thinks is his dad!

Peasant's Quest Online?

Character Class Selection Screen

Five classes to choose from but they're all full up except for Peasants.

Archer - These wandering marksmen are known for their chivalry and pointed hats. Adept at ranged attacks, skilled Archers can pick off a target from 300 yards with their Sniper Bow. Choose your own color feather! ALL FULL UP

Knight - Royal Knights have a reputation for being stuck up elitists. They have equally strong attack and defense skills and are sticklers for Royal Law. Choose from a variety of swords, shields, and frenchie mustache combos. ALL FULL UP

Keeper - Spooky magick and even spookier robes surround these mysterious loners. Keepers can choose to work in service of or against Almighty Trogdor. Robes do not include moons and stars. Iron-ons available at fine merchants everywhere. ALL FULL UP

Hot Elf - These smoking hotties lived only behind waterfalls until online gaming forced them from their homes. Aside from their dangerous curves, they also have the coolest weapons in the realm. Seriously, this one sword is actually like two swords and shoots poisonous grappling arrows out of it! ALL FULL UP

Peasant - Peasants are so inferior to the other classes, they actually start at Level 0. They have boring sticks for weapons and Jhonka doodoo for brains. You'd think Rather Dashing would've raised the bar for Peasants with his heroic exploits, but no. No, he didn't. SPACES AVAILABLE!

You get to choose your character's username and it will be used throughout the game by other characters. Input C$!!

Choose Your Cottage -
-4 different cottages to choose from with very minor differences.
-Cottage is customizable on the inside. Color/type of pelt on the floor maybe? Furniture, optional wall hangings. These would all be cookie saved.
-House is where you go back to when you die (no save games maybe? just autosaves progress/inventory, etc.)

Quest board - Maybe there's a quest board outside your cottage. Some quests are interdependent, some are stand alone.

Exp Level - Levels are the points in the game. So you level up instead of getting a score.

The Level Up Forest - The mini-game part. Side scrolling, monsters come at you. You can upgrade weapons, strike low or high and block low and high (you start with a stick for a sword and a trashcan lid for a shield). I dunno. You can add ten levels to your total here and the bad guys get increasingly more difficult. You can go to the forest whenever you want, level up one level and then leave. You'll need to have leveled all the way up to 10 here in order to win the game.

Non Player Characters - Non player characters are guys like Mendelev and Dongolev who run the weapons shop. The Innkeeper, maybe the Baby Lady, that kinda thing. Maybe the Jhonka has cleaned up his act and runs a store. The weapons shop and the store would be largely or entirely for the Level Up Forest. Weapon upgrades, health flasks, caffeinergy potions, that sorta thing.

Online Players - Online players are fake online players with their username over their head. They would fall into one of the other character classes, Archers, Knights, etc. These people have real-world problems that you have to help solve in-game. Random online players will walk through the scenes occasionally with random usernames over their heads. You have to interact with these sometimes (a quest could call for you to give something to any hot elf so you have to wait until you see one and then give it to them while they're on the screen. Ordinarily if you try to talk to them while they're onscreen, they mutter something derogatory about n00bs)

Specific Online Players
-Lonely lady needs to find Mr. Right (She's playing as a dude, Mr. Right is probably playing as a Hot Elf. you need to bring em together)
-Dude whose wife is going to leave him if he doesn't stop playing, wants you to kill his character for him so it'll save his marriage.
-Other Peasant guy can't figure out how to throw baby (he's playing the Rather Dashing story arc)
-Annoying little kid that keeps wanting to 'join your guild' that you need to ditch
-Some guy that keeps getting booted offline and disappearing before he can give you something. You have to find a totally inappropriate anachronistic in-game advertisement coupon for a 28.8 modem and you gift it to that player so he can get a better connection and stay online long enough to give you the item.
-Grandmother who keeps walking into a tree over and over again (a tree that you need to climb but can't while she's still around) needs you to convince her not to try and play video games ever again and cancel her account but she can't figure out how. You need a valid credit card number to cancel account which you figure out is the annoying kid's username.

Optional Quests
-There could be some optional quests that do things like give you cool weapons for the Level Up Forest or items to customize your house.
-Maybe you can get a canvas which is an 8x8 pixel square (or more) and you can paint on it in a very simple 16 color painting minigame. Select a color, click on a pixel. When you're done it shows up in your house on the wall. Possibly a 'submit' feature where you can send the info for the pixel painting to us and then a gallery area elsewhere in the game where we could stick in fan submitted artwork? Or something like that to add to the psuedo-online nature of the game.

Main goal
Once you solve a certain number of quests from the quest board a whole new area opens up (the map maybe doubles) and that's when you'd meet the Dragon Man who's a level 100 player. He's become obsessed with the game and found everything there is to find except one thing but you can only get this thing when you're a level 50 and he missed it. He'll give you his character if you'll get this item for him. So the rest of the game is dedicated to this main quest and its related sub-quests.

Other ideas
-You have a bad 1987 style online modem voice chat with a character. Terrible modem noises and awful connection make it pretty impossible to hear.
-There's some flashy, glowing orb you get that causes lag when you use it since it's too graphic/processor-intensive. Later something happens too fast for you to solve the puzzle (maybe catching a fast animal or item that flies by?) so you have to use the item to cause lag so your computer runs slow enough that you can solve the puzzle.

Fun Facts

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