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The Poopsmith's number-two specialty is Number One.

Peeing is sometimes seen and/or mentioned in the Homestar Runner universe.


  • A Jumping Jack ContestHomestar Runner has to pee after The Cheat tricks him into drinking too much melonade. Homestar has The Poopsmith come by with a jar, which he then apparently pees into.
  • The Luau — Homestar is seen behind Marzipan's gazebo, in his own words, "doing... something". When he returns, he comments that he has "gotta stop drinkin' so much melonade". After Strong Bad steals firewood from behind Marzipan's gazebo, it doesn't light, to which Homestar explains away that "it all started when I decided to drink 32 glasses of melonade..."
  • The House That Gave Sucky Treats — Homestar asks if the viewers have voted yet, and says that he has to pee.
  • Email 2 yearsStrong Bad imagines that Coach Z will be an inhabitant of Strong Badia in 2 years' time. Coach Z says he's just "taking a leak".
  • Strumstar Hammer — Strong Bad edited the book to say, "The Homestar Runner peed and the two wandered into a nest of flying cars."
  • Email extra plug — At the end of the email, Homestar and Strong Sad sing, "I really got, I really gotta pee. I really got, I really gotta pee pee" repeatedly.
  • Email virus — When the screen of the Compy 386 "melts" onto the floor, Strong Bad says, "And the Compy... just peed my carpet."
  • Email space program — Coach Z exclaims that he thought he was going to get to pee in a cup.
  • Thy Dungeonman 3 — There is a reference to mongrel pee.
  • Email mini-golf— The blue water at Sweet Puttin' Cakes is begging "for kids to either drink it, or pee in it. Or worse, both."
  • Email hygiene — Strong Bad teaches that having an "accident at school" would ruin Gene's reputation. Gene covers his pants while Strong Bad says this.
  • Trogday 08 — One of the lyrics is "Oh, Pants will keep on Peein'".
  • Email pet show — Strong Bad says that a judge at the pet show, Madame Bodewell, has had it in for The Cheat ever since his lackey peed on her dress. Strong Mad then apologizes for this.
  • Email hiding— as Strong Bad walks into his bathroom he mutters, "Sleepy... Sleepy pee—" before being interrupted by Homestar.
  • Homestar Ruiner — Strong Bad is annoyed that Marzipan temporarily transplanted Credenza (her ficus) out of her front yard, because he wanted to pee on it. Also, he tells the audience to go relieve their "aching energy drink filled bladders" while he takes some time to dig a hole.
  • Best Caper Ever — Strong Bad says The Cheat peed in Homestar's melonade.
  • 2 Part Episode: Part 1 — Crackotage says that his "pants are almost a-peein'".
  • Email imaginaryLil' Strong Bad attempts to pee on Scotty Titi.
  • On Break — Strong Bad mentions "pee" as one of the breaks he has already taken that day.
  • Email dictionary — The Cheat is apparently being potty trained, and has wet linen sheets several times, as hinted by the dictionary article for "hwimswelf".
  • The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar — When Strong Sad says, Homestar "goed and goed until he finally went", Homestar stops walking and says, "Ew!" To "go" and, particularly, to have "went" are both euphemisms for peeing.

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