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The Sharpiest of Technology

The Permanent Marker is Strong Bad's ultimate utility tool. It first appeared in suntan, where it was the "Strong Bad Ab-Abber 2000". In haircut, it is used as a "Light Pen" to draw lots of different possible eyebrow styles on a "scanned" image of Strong Mad. In car, Strong Bad uses it to trick out his fist, and then imprint Homestar Runner's forehead with a customized message in Gothic lettering. He then uses a white-out version of it in the email long pants to cover up parts of the email's text, which he thought was too long. In couch patch, the marker appeared in Strong Sad's flashback when he recalled Lil' Strong Bad writing "Carla Lewis is HOTT!" on The Couch (which may or may not be an accurate account, since there are four different versions of the origins of the couch patch). In Senorial Day, Senor Cardgage uses it to sign an autograph on a football.

It has been noted that the "Light Pen" Strong Bad uses is left-handed. Many right-handed people don't realize this, but almost all pens and pencils are manufactured for right-handed use in that the text printed on them appears right-side-up when used with the right hand, but upside-down when used by the left hand. (This does not affect the way pencils or pens are used; only the orientation of the text printed on them differs).

The marker bears an uncanny resemblance (in form, if not function) to the ubiquitous Sharpie-brand permanent marker.

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