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Toon Category: Shorts
watch The Next Epi-Snowed Strong Bad Sings

The Deleteheads wager on SBEmail 200.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Strong Bad

Places: Strong Sad's Room

Date: Monday, September 15, 2008

Running Time: 1:30

Page Title: Hot Action? Big Numbers?



STRONG SAD: {rhythmic clapping in background} Everybody's just gonna feel sorry for ya. I mean {pats belly in time with clapping} I do.

{clapping stops}

STRONG SAD: Please be seatèd, delete heads. {chair scoot noises as Strong Sad sits} Now let's get right down to it! Sbemail 200 wagers, place ya bets! Place ya bets! {Strong Sad pounds the table with his fist as he speaks}

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG SAD: The Cheat's got fifty bucks says the Lappy doesn't make it out of email 200 alive! Any takers? Any takers?


STRONG SAD: Okay, hot money, hot money, big movers! {pounds table} Dan! We got a twenty percent chance this email's gonna be from a guy named Dan! Who wants in? {looks around quickly as he speaks} Anybody? Nobody? Hot action? Big numbers? No? Moving on! Homestar's got half a G on {looks at notebook} Strong Bad not making it out alive?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Homestar quickly hides what appears to be a homemade bomb under the table} I dunno nothing about nothing.

STRONG BAD: {standing in doorway, holding a crate labelled Last week's clams with a box labelled Cat noses on top of it} Do any of you have even one iota that lives down the street from a clue about what you're talking about?

STRONG SAD: Uh, gambling?

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}


STRONG BAD: Well I can tell you right now you're all way off! {walks away} Or I got fifty bucks that says you guys will continue to suck no matter what I do.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {ominous music, Homestar pulls his homemade "bomb" out from under the table} We'll just see about that, old buddy, old pal. We'll just see. {zoom in on Homestar}

STRONG SAD: {music stops abruptly} Homestar, are those just candles with a drawing of a clock taped to them?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, um. Sorry guys I gotta catch this invisible secret elevator. {Homestar slowly lowers himself below the table, stopping before his hat disappears} Boooooo.

STRONG SAD: How much you wanna bet he stays down there all week?

{The New Paper comes down, it reads Place your bets, people!}

Fun Facts


  • "G" is slang for $1,000, making half a G $500.
  • "Double Down" is a term in Blackjack meaning to double one's bet after seeing the first two cards.


  • Strong Sad's notebook reads:
    • Meeting
  1. Pledge
  2. Wagers
  3. Fruit Dip
  4. Eyebrow Notions


  • Despite Strong Sad's claim of there being a 20% chance of the next emailer being named Dan, only 10 of the previous emails - roughly 5% - were sent by a Dan (or a derivative thereof).

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