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Strong Bad has made up many places. Most of these places are likely never to be seen again.

Name Description Image Appearances
The Stone Bridge The Stone Bridge is mentioned in the Strong Bad Email "personal favorites". Strong Bad "remembers" Pom Pom and Coach Z having a knife fight here. We're blade men, men! personal favorites
The Sweet Sweet Rainbow Bridge The Sweet Sweet Rainbow Bridge is used in the email "flashback " to return Coach Z and Strong Bad to Free Country, USA from The Moon. In Norse mythology, a rainbow bridge connects the land of mortals with the land of Gods. Wheeeeeee! flashback
Cubeland Cubeland is a place where Strong Mad is momentarily envisioned, and apparently would have fit in well. Cubeland is probably the least likely place to be seen again, since Strong Bad immediately points out that it does not exist. The Land of Cubes the facts
Big Ol' Tree The Big Ol' Tree is what The Stick would be if Strong Bad could make his town different. This big ol' tree would try to devour everyone except The Cheat and Strong Bad. He is undecided whether the tree will eat Strong Mad or not. The Stick mutated! different town
TCYBCBY TCYBCBY is the frozen yogurt shop seen in Teen Girl Squad. After a long day of boys and death, the girls all get together at their favorite ice cream shop that is a spoof of TCBY. A "Go Yogurt" sign can be seen in the window. GO YOGURT! TGS Issue 2
Rotten Egglünd Rotten Egglünd is the result of the short cartoon "sick day." Strong Bad dubs Strong Mad's room as this, in response to the terrible smells therein. I don't wanna know WHAT this paper was used for... Sick Day
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