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"What am I doing in this tiny box?"

Podstar Runner is a collection of Strong Bad Emails transferable to a fifth generation iPod, in .m4v format. It was released simultaneously with the email technology. Currently, it features the emails techno, dragon, japanese cartoon, kids' book, bottom 10, crying, and caffeine, although it promises to feature more in the future.

Places: iPod Menu

Page Title: Podstar Runner, Come On And Come On, Y'all

Release Date: January 30th, 2006

Updates: Feburary 6, 2006; Feburary 13, 2006



{The Homestar Runner head from the spoof on Apple's "Think different" campaign appears. After a few seconds, the iPod menu appears and scrolls down to the bottom.}

{The selected email plays.}

{After the email has played, the screen cuts back to the "iPod menu". After a second, Strong Bad's head pops into view}

STRONG BAD: Whoa, what am I doing in this tiny box? {starts banging his head and hands on the screen} Let me! Outta the! Tiny! Box!

{The screen appears to shatter, with a shattering sound effect.}

STRONG BAD: Whoops. Hope you got the extended warranty.

{The shattered screen crackles, and goes black.}

Fun Facts

Podstar Runner podcast


  • The label on the floppy disk is unreadable, but there are several possibilities.
  • This podcast, "Homestar Runner", is in the top 100 comedy podcasts.
    • The highest it has ever gotten is #23, on 13 February, 2006.


  • With the exception of Homsar's appearance in dragon, none of the Easter eggs from the original versions are present.
  • The notice on the main page originally said "sbemail podcast!" but it was later changed to "sbemails on ipod!". This was most likely changed after noting that Podstar Runner was not truly a podcast, due to the videos not being broadcasted through a RSS feed syndication. As of February 6th, 2006, however, an official RSS feed has been released making Podstar Runner an actual podcast.
  • The sound quality in the iPod version of bottom 10 seems to drop to regular email level after the appearance of Wet The Cheat . There also seems to be a minor sound bug while Strong Bad has the jibblies.
  • The podstar.homestarrunner.com server doesn't have the 404'd page set up - incorrect URLs will get the standard This Page Cannot Be Found page instead.
  • The filename for dragon is "trogdor", not "dragon".


  • While the iPod in the background is meant to be a fifth generation model, the headphone port is placed in the top centre of the device like a fourth generation's, rather than at the top right.
  • When the email ends and returns to the animated iPod menu, "Homestar" is highlighted. However, the animated menu at the beginning of the email has "Email" selected.


  • Due to the use of relative linking in the navbar, clicking on any of the links on the bottom of the page used to take you to a nonexistent page beginning with http://podstar.homestarrunner.com/, with the Store being the only exception. The links have since been fixed, so the paths now direct you back to a page on www.homestarrunner.com.
  • In the XML feed, the description of crying was the same as that of kids' book, namely "Strong Bad seriously defaces a children's book." This has since been fixed.

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