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A different kind of poker night.
"There's no quicker way to turn the hotties off than by being a terrible poker player man."Strong Bad

Poker Night at the Inventory is an upcoming game by Telltale Games that features Strong Bad, Max (from Sam & Max: Freelance Police), Tycho Brahe (from Penny Arcade), and Heavy Weapons Guy (from Team Fortress 2). Telltale promises that it will feature "a new style of poker", presumably in a similar manner to that in the company's other card game, Telltale Texas Hold 'Em. Matt Chapman, besides providing the voice of Strong Bad, was heavily involved in the writing of his dialogue, similar to how he worked with Telltale on Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.

Characters each start with $10,000. One confirmed feature is that characters eventually bet their possessions in the game, such as the Heavy's minigun, "Iron Curtain" and Dangeresque Too's sunglasses. These items will then become an unlockable item in Team Fortress 2 when won during bonus rounds. Early screenshots show it taking place in a speakeasy, with the premise that the characters are spending their off hours playing poker. Between playing hands, the characters will have a very deep dialogue system, and each character has their own respective thoughts on the others. It is said that Strong Bad and Tycho hate each other, but Tycho and Max get along really well, and Heavy is wary of Tycho, loves Max, and thinks Strong Bad is a tiny Heavy. Strong Bad also realizes he's a licensed character that was exploited by Telltale Games, as based on Behind The Bad.

The in-game models are the same as used in their respective games, so Strong Bad stands out against the more realistically shaded characters (along with Tycho, who also gets a cel-shaded cartoon look). It is set to be released in November 2010.


Fun Facts

  • This is the first time a Homestar Runner character has been in a game with characters from other video game franchises.
  • Uncensored swears will be in the game (with the option to bleep them out), as seen with Tycho's promotional artwork. This would be a first for the family-friendly Homestar Runner franchise as well.
  • Strong Bad uses The Poopsmith's shovel to scoop up chips.
  • Strong Bad will talk about his "ample hind-bosom".
  • Strong Bad's character bio reads:
    Heralding from the oft-overlooked municipality of Strong Badia, Strong Bad enjoys heavy metal music, video games, cold ones, computers, jetpacks, chainsaw arms, fireworks, jumps, babes, and guitar-axes (both guitars with a sharp edge and axes that go "squiddelydoo" when they chop wood). His poker strategy consists of belittling his opponents and hoping they fall prey to his "natural musk fog." Watch the critically acclaimed drama "Strong Bad emails," where Strong Bad checks his email on or be sure to catch his made for TV movie "The Loneliest Rainbow." Check your local listings for showtimes.

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