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The trailer for Poker Night at the Inventory.

Cast (in order of appearance): Max, Strong Bad, The Heavy, Tycho

Places: The Inventory

Date: Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Running Time: 1:33



{The screen shows a poker table with the Telltale Games logo. Poker chips are thrown on the table, followed by Max's luger, Dangeresque Too's glasses, and finally The Heavy's machine gun. The scene cuts to Max, Strong Bad, The Heavy, and Tycho sitting at the poker table. Max clasps his hands in enjoyment, Strong Bad shakes his head, and Tycho slaps his hand to his forehead in frustration.}


{Cut to the Poker Night at the Inventory logo on a red sun burst background, then back to the four sitting at the poker table.}

THE HEAVY: What was that tiny chips? {The screen zooms in on The Heavy's face.} You all want to fight with me?

{Cut to Max and Strong Bad glancing at each other in confusion, then back to a close-up of the Heavy, who's holding poker chips.}

THE HEAVY: This is best idea. {The heavy throws a handful of chips on the table.}

{The camera pans to a shot of Max, Strong Bad, and the back of Tycho's head.}

Max: Call it! {Max points his finger in the air.} Raise it! {Max furrows his brow and puts both hands in front of him.} Tear his knee caps out! {The camera zooms in on Max, who shakes his head.} Not in that order!

{Max pushes two handfuls of chips into the center of the table. The camera pans out to show Strong Bad shoveling up the chips from the table.}

STRONG BAD: Nothing intimidates your opponents like a heavy dose of think hard! {Strong Bad closes his eyes and wobbles his head, to show he's thinking hard. The Heavy looks on in amazement. Strong bad grunts.}

{The camera pans out to The Heavy and Tycho at the poker table. Tycho lifts a card and looks at it.}

TYCHO: Face down in front of me is the card beast {The scene darkens as the camera zooms in on Tycho whose eyes become red.} of your worst poker nightmare. {The scene lightens back to normal and the camera zooms out. Tycho raises his arm out nonchalantly.} Just something to consider.

{Cut to the red sun burst background with the words four legends, followed by quick individual shots of Max, Strong Bad, The Heavy, and Tycho staring at the camera. The scene cuts back to the red sun burst background with images of cards and the words "playing poker with you".}

{Cut to gameplay footage showing the graphical user interface and Strong Bad talking and throwing chips on the table, followed by a pan to the center of the table. The screen zooms in on the game's interface for making bets, then zooms out on the table where Max, Strong Bad, the Heavy, and Tycho all look surprised.}


{Cut to a the red sun burst background with the words "not to mention", followed by the words "exclusive Team Fortress 2 unlocks" with the Team Fortress 2 logo used in the instance of that game's name.}

{Cut to darkened figures of Max, Strong Bad, The Heavy, and Tycho. They show their exclusive items. Max is holding his luger, "the lugermorph", Strong Bad is holding the Dangeresque Too glasses, the Heavy is holding a machine gun called "the iron curtain", and Tycho is holding "the enthusiast's timepiece" watch. The items are then showed individually on the sunburst background. The lugermorph is shown first, followed by Max's "license to maim", "the enthusiast's timepiece" (which is a watch covered with blood that has a blue Pac-Man eating a dot on the face), and then "the iron curtain".}

{Cut to the center of the poker table with the words "the inventory" in a round logo in the center. Tycho is shown picking up handfuls of poker chips, the Heavy is in the center, and Strong Bad's boxing glove can be seen. The camera zooms out to the heavy}

THE HEAVY: Beat me once, shame on me. Beat me twice {Cut to tycho who shakes his head, then to Max and Strong Bad. Max puts his hands up with a confused look on his face, and Strong Bad brings his hand to his chin.} also shame on me! {Cut back to a close-up of the Heavy who now looks annoyed.} Beat me three times, {Cut to the table where all four can be seen. The Heavy has a sad look on his face, and Max, Strong Bad, and Tycho all are startled.} I am sent to my death.

{Cut to the Poker Night at the Inventory logo, then the red sun burst background with the Heavy wearing a green visor and holding "the iron curtain", and the words "exclusive poker night visor TF2 item only with pre-order.}

{Cut to a small Poker Night at the Inventory logo with November 2010 and the URL for Telltale's Poker Night at the Inventory website, and logos for Telltale Games, Valve, Penny Arcade, and Homestar Runner.}

{Cut to tycho throwing a Dungeons and Dragons die onto the table. He smiles and raises his fist in triumph}

TYCHO: (Censored bleep) yeah!

{Cut to a the URL for Telltale's Poker Night at the Inventory website on a black screen.}

Inside References

Real-World References

  • Flint Paper and Bluster Blaster from Sam & Max can be seen in the background.
  • A picture of Sam & Max holding the giant key to the city, a picture of Chieftain Beluga, the Merleader from Tales of Monkey Island, and a portrait of Telltale Games employee, Graham McDermott, can be seen on the wall behind Tycho.
  • The design on the Queen of Clubs is the same as the BLU Pin-Up calender in Team Fortress 2.

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